Mercedes-Benz new online configurator and new Mercedes AMG website (8)

H Mercedes έδωσε στον αέρα τον νέο online configurator για τα μοντέλα του 2013. Ο νέος configurator διαθέτει high-res φωτογραφίες και περισσότερες επιλογές παραμετροποίησης με τον επισκέπτη να μπορεί να κάνει share τη δημιουργία του, μέσα από τα social media.

Επίσης η Mercedes ετοίμασε και το νέο ειδικό site για όλα τα μοντέλα της AMG, μέσα από το οποίο ο επισκέπτης μπορεί να μάθει τα πάντα για τις γρήγορες εκδόσεις των αυτοκινήτων της Mercedes.

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High levels of detail and service

Mercedes-Benz is starting with a new vehicle configurator and new Mercedes AMG website into the year 2013

Stuttgart/Affalterbach. In future, the new models from Mercedes-Benz will also be presented virtually on the Mercedes-Benz home page in a completely redesigned Vehicle Configurator. And Mercedes-AMG will also be kicking off the new year with a redesigned internet presence too. Visitors to the websites of the two brands will be able to enjoy a wide range of generously detailed views of the vehicles, intuitively designed customer-oriented service functions as well as a whole host of information on the brands and vehicles. A variety of interaction options via social networks will also help to turn the visit into an experience in itself.

Large, high-resolution images which show off every detail: leather, fabric, wood – everything looks so realistic that customers may already be tempted to try to stroke their screens to get a feel of the high-quality finishes. And with just the click of a mouse the desired interior or exterior colours can be applied to the chosen model, which is then accurately displayed, just like the real thing. The vehicle configurator for the new models from Mercedes-Benz is designed to turn the configuration of a customer’s own Mercedes-Benz dream car on the internet into an entire experience in itself.

Visitors are able to experience the emotionally appealing world of the new Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Configurator in several different ways. The effect of the design, paint finish and wheels can be shown to impressive effect in a large, 360-degree view, featuring a zoom function as well as day and night views. HD views are used to recreate the interior in such a diverse and detailed way that even the small subtleties and irregularities typical of hand-finished leather stitching – and which reflect the individual character of interior appointments and make each interior special – can be seen.

In addition to this visual experience, the new Vehicle Configurator also offers a high level of service. This includes effortless navigation, providing visitors with total freedom without forcing them to follow a set of predefined steps.

If necessary, the integrated TechCenter is now also able to provide easy-to-understand yet at the same time comprehensive technical details on the various appointment features by means of videos, thereby helping customers
to reach a decision. And even when it comes to cost and financing options, the new configurator always ensures complete transparency: the currently calculated price of the dream car, including the option to make direct contact, is also always clearly displayed, whatever pages interested customers may find themselves on or whatever details they may currently be looking at.

After completing the configurator, or on request, the customer’s very own dream car is assigned a personal online code. This code can be passed on to friends, enabling them to call up the selected configuration on their computer screen, tablet or smartphone too, and thus get involved in the purchase of the vehicle. The personal online code can also be used by a member of the sales staff of the Mercedes-Benz dealership as the basis for sales discussions. For example, by using the online code the staff member can further enhance the configuration in conjunction with the customer, and subsequently provide him or her with a ready-made, virtual vehicle to take home and view on their computer.

Mercedes-AMG: the launch of a new internet presence

Mercedes-AMG will be kicking off the coming year with a new appearance on its corporate website. In addition to the latest news, visitors to the URL will find comprehensively detailed content on the company and its products as well as some exciting images. In addition, the new digital presence will provide an insight into the brand history of Mercedes-AMG and also inject new life into the entire range of AMG vehicles: as a result, users will be able to make use of 360-degree visualisation techniques to view every AMG model in a variety of different environments and also with a wide range of paint finishes, wheel designs and interior appointments.

The new internet presence will provide users with both a stylish and intuitive method for navigating through more than 1000 pages of content. At the same time, special emphasis has been placed on the integration of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest – users can therefore immediately share their experiences and impressions of the AMG brand with their networks and other users. The majority of the photos and sounds on the website will be available for download for use as desktop backgrounds or ringtones. The new website is based on an HTML platform, and is suitable for access both from PCs as well as via tablets and smartphones. All of the content of the website is available in German and English, and additional languages will follow at a later date.

Global AMG Private Lounge for customers

The AMG Private Lounge is the official AMG brand community, a web-based platform designed exclusively for Mercedes-AMG drivers. The community currently comprises more than 19,000 AMG owners from more than 70 countries. Customers visiting the website will find exclusive digital content, such as the latest AMG news, for example, additional information on the company as well as technical information on AMG vehicles. In addition, as part of a discussion forum customers will also be able to exchange their experiences. Established in 2006 for the US market, the community was successfully extended to German-speaking markets in September 2011. Today the AMG Private Lounge enjoys a global presence and is offered in both German and English.

In addition to digital elements, the global community also provides a physical address. Covering a total area of 525 square metres, the AMG Private Lounge at the corporate headquarters provides an exclusive atmosphere for AMG owners and potential customers to enjoy. Customers buying an AMG can also collect their new vehicle in Affalterbach: following their welcome in the AMG Private Lounge, they are taken on an individual guided tour of the plant. In the AMG engine production facility, customers then have the opportunity to meet the engine technician who has produced the engine for their AMG by hand, in accordance with the traditional philosophy of “one man, one engine”.

The AMG Private Lounge at the company headquarters also forms the starting point for exclusive events for AMG customers, such as AMG Private Lounge gatherings, for example, or plant tours. Additional events for community members also take place at some exceptional locations throughout the world: one highlight includes the annual AMG Private Lounge Days, at which AMG owners are able to experience the brand as well as a variety of products from the performance brand at international race circuits.