McLaren P1 Race ready (1)

Η παραπάνω φωτογραφία είναι η πρώτη από την έκδοση παραγωγής της McLaren P1 η οποία θα κάνει ντεμπούτο στην έκθεση της Γενεύης. Με την ευκαιρία αυτή, η McLaren ανακοίνωσε ότι το νέο της hypercar θα έχει “Race” mode.

Με την ενεργοποίηση του η μεγάλη πίσω διπλή αεροτομή θα ανυψώνεται και θα μεταβάλλεται αυτόματα ώστε να υπάρχει πάντα η βέλτιστη αεροδυναμική. Στο εσωτερικό η κεντρική οθόνη στο κοντέρ θα αποκτά πράσινα, κόκκινα και μπλε φώτα για τις αλλαγές ταχύτητας, όπως ακριβώς είναι και στο τιμόνι των μονοθεσίων της Formula 1.

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  • Production-ready McLaren P1™confirmed for 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva
  • Short video showing race-inspired digital dash readout highlights driver-focused ‘Race’ mode –
  • McLaren Automotive press conference – 11.15 CET (10.15 GMT), Tuesday 5 March

With one month until all eyes in the automotive world turn to Switzerland, McLaren Automotive has confirmed that the global debut of the production-ready McLaren P1™ will be at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva, and taken the opportunity to give a glimpse of the, so far unseen, interior. The latest insight confirms that the McLaren P1™ will adopt a race-inspired digital dash readout, and gives further information relating to the levels of performance that can be expected with a highly-focused ‘Race’ mode.

The visuals demonstrate what the driver will see as the McLaren P1™ transitions into a fully-focussed track car. On selecting Race mode, the large double element adjustable ‘active’ rear wing extends, and the pitch of the wing alters into an optimal aerodynamic position. In Race mode the screen includes a bank of lights across the top, which illuminate green, followed by red and finally blue. These act as a shift indicator, as in a Formula 1 car.

More exact details about the McLaren P1™, and Race mode, will be unveiled as we get closer to Geneva.

Geneva press day information:

The final, production-ready McLaren P1™ will make its global debut at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva, and the McLaren Automotive press conference will take place at 11.15am CET (10.15am GMT), Tuesday 5 March.