Subaru WRX STI tS TYPE RA (5)

H Subaru μας έχει συνηθίσει στο να παρουσιάζει ειδικές εκδόσεις του Impreza WRX STI αποκλειστικά για την αγορά της Ιαπωνίας και τώρα προσθέτει ακόμη ένα. Το WRX STI tS TYPE RA θα βγει σε μόλις 300 μονάδες στη παραγωγή με την Ιαπωνική εταιρία να δέχεται παραγγελίες γι’αυτό από τις 23 Αυγούστου έως και τις 23 Δεκεμβρίου με κόστος από 4.41 εκατ. γιέν έως 5.082 εκατ. γιέν (€33.700-€38.830)

Είναι διαθέσιμο σε τρία χρώματα (πορτοκαλί, λευκό και μπλε) και διαθέτει νέα ανάρτηση, παχύτερες αντιστρεπτικές, φρένα της Brembo με 6-πίστονες δαγκάνες μπροστά και 2-πίστονες πίσω, βαμμένες σε χρυσό χρώμα, μαύρες ζάντες 18″ και πιο άμεσο σύστημα διεύθυνσης.

Από στιλιστικής πλευράς υπάρχει νέο μπροστά spoiler, ειδικά σηματάκια, bucket καθίσματα, δερμάτινο τιμόνι και δερμάτινος επιλογέας ταχυτήτων με κόκκινες ραφές, και μαρσπιέ.

Στον επιπλέον εξοπλισμό υπάρχει το πακέτο Challenge το οποίο προσθέτει αεροτομή από dry carbon, ζάντες 18″ της BBS, Recaro μπροστά καθίσματα και ειδικά σηματάκια.

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Launch of the Subaru “WRX STI tS TYPE RA”

Subaru Tecnica International, a motorsports management company of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. * 1 Subaru WRX STI spec C is, * 2 to 4 door car, launched from today, I made ??specification, the equipment of its own “WRX STI tS TYPE RA” You.

With respect to the base car, around the underbody, “WRX STI tS TYPE RA” is a STI complete car with an additional dedicated equipment to exterior and interior. In order to further advance “run supple tough” the STI is proposed, and sought “well-honed sharp” performance.

In order to achieve the appropriate run in name of TYPE RA is a model which has been specializing in the record attempt in the motor sports scene, quick steering gear box (steering gear ratio 11:1), 6 pot brembo made front monoblock facing While adopting the grooved disc rotor or brake caliper, the total tuning of body and chassis with flexible parts of the STI own, harmonized at a high level the basic performance of the car called “stop-turn-run”, the driver It provides a joy to manipulate the car at will.

The exterior, as well as set up a dedicated equipment tS ornament, etc., and I adopted Tangerine Orange Pearl colors for a limited time in the exterior color. I bring a contrast with the body color door mirror cover which gave the black paint, side garnish, an aluminum wheel, I express a sharp impression of high-performance models only.

In addition, as a model reminiscent of the 24-hour race Nurburgring WRX STI continues to war, Alcantara BBS made ??18 inches forged aluminum wheels and STI made ??dry carbon rear spoiler, the skin * 3 RECARO made ??bucket type front seats with * 4 was set up was adopted, such as “NBR CHALLENGE PACKAGE”.

[Main equipment of the “WRX STI tS TYPE RA”]
? suspension / mechanism
· STI made ??tuning upside-down front strut, STI steel coil spring
· STI made ??tuning rear dampers, STI steel coil spring
· STI-made pillow-ball bushing Rear Suspension Link (lateral link front inside, rear lateral link inside)
(made by Brembo, gold paint, STI logo) front facing monoblock 6 pot brake caliper
Front 18 in. two-piece type grooved rotor disk (brembo, Ltd.)
· (brembo made, gold paint, STI logo) rear-facing 2 pot brake caliper
, rear 17 inches grooved rotor disk (brembo, Ltd.)
, exclusive tuning 245/40R18 tires (Potenza RE070)
STI-made 18 in. × 8 1/2J aluminum wheels (black)
STI-made flexible front tower bar
· STI made ??flexible draw stiffener front and rear
· STI made ??support front
· STI made ??flexible rear support
, exclusive quick steering gear box (steering gear ratio 11:1)

? Exterior
· STI made ??front under spoiler
, exclusive tS ornament (front and rear), dedicated TYPE RA ornament (rear), dedicated STI ornament (rear)
-STI emblem side garnish (black)
, black paint electric retractable remote control door mirror ( LED side turn light)

? Interior, other
exclusive luxury leather-wrapped steering wheel (red stitching)
leather-wrapped shift knob MT · STI made ??logo
(fabric / jersey, STI black logo embroidery, red stitching) bucket type front seats
, exclusive side sill plate (front, tS logo)
-STI bookbinding leather key chain (red)

· STI made ??dry carbon rear spoiler (2 angle adjustable stage)
BBS-made 18 in. × 8 1/2J forged aluminum wheels (black)
, exclusive NBR CHALLENGE decal (side)
RECARO-made bucket type front seat
(Alcantara / leather, STI black logo embroidery, red stitching, manufacturer installed option)

[Sales Plan]
(of this, NBR CHALLENGE PACKAGE limited to 200 units.) 300 units limited to orders worth December 23, 2013
a limited time to orders worth August 25 Tangerine Orange Pearl.