Η BBM Motorsport, παρουσίασε την τελευταία της δημιουργία. Ένα έβδομης γενιάς Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Για την ακρίβεια, ως βάση, χρησιμοποιήθηκε το Golf GTI Performance που σε εργοστασιακή μορφή αποδίδει 230 άλογα και 350 Nm ροπής. Μετά τις βελτιώσεις της BBM όμως, το γερμανικό hot hatch, αποδίδει πλέον 300 άλογα και 440 Nm.

Ο κινητήρας, υπέστη ένα ελαφρύ πρώτο στάδιο, ένα Φ.Π.Ε. (φίλτρο-πρόγραμμα-εξάτμιση) αν θέλετε. Η εισαγωγή αντικαταστάθηκε με μία ανθρακονημάτινη, η εξάτμιση είναι custom, της Supersprint με νέα downpipes και το πρόγραμμα στην εργοστασιακή ECU είναι βελτιωμένο. Επιπλέον, η BBM τοποθέτησε φρένα της Stoptech στον εμπρός άξονα, με δίσκους διαμέτρου 328mm και τετραπίστονες δαγκάνες ενώ η ανάρτηση είναι ρυθμιζόμενη της KW.

Τέλος, το κόκκινο χρώμα που βλέπετε, δεν είναι το εργοστασιακό, αλλά αυτοκόλλητο της SFTI Carwrap και το look συμπληρώνουν οι πανέμορφες titan grey BBS.

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GOLF (VII GTI) „PLUS“ after power cure by BBM MOTORSPORT

The Golf VII is permanently statistic top of approval, being named ex manufacturer in its most powerful version GTI „Performance“. The specialized on performance enhancement company BBM Motorsport of Senden, Germany, has subjected even this high performance sportster to a matching by its name „performance-cure“, so that this permanent bestseller car can show its muscles even more.

The test object can show – thanks to BBM – impressing 300 HP (= 221 kW) at 6,100 to 6,700 rpm and 440 Nm of max. torque at 2,150 to 4,750 rpm after power improvement of the two liters engine by means of professional chip tuning software and considerably also thanks to the down pipes in combination with sports cats and carbon intake kit. Thus, the serial power increases by the power of 70 cheerful horses (= 51 kW) and additional 90 Nm of torque – with pawing hooves waiting for their deployment. Hereto matches the complete exhaust system with 100 millimeters end pipes coming from the Supersprint company.

It is well known that the pressing ahead must be adequately controlled. That’s why BBM Motorsport has installed a one-piece-BBK made by Stoptech braking system, the dimensioned 328 x 25 mm four-piston fix calipers of which get stuck into the braking discs. Concerning the chassis the DDC coilovers from KW with electronic hardness regulation and 20 to 55 millimeters of car body lowering merit to be especially mentioned. wishes for KW coilovers variants 1 to 3 are also willingly fulfilled.

Connecting link between car and road is the wheelwork. In this case, a set of BBS 19” CH-R type rims in titan gray with contact protection made of polished stainless steel does this not always simple task, of course in combination with the correspondent tires. Finally, the vehicle has been wrapped by SFT Carwrap Ibbenbueren, Germany.