Nissan Dayz Roox (1)

H Nissan παρουσίασε το Dayz Roox, την ψηλή έκδοση του Dayz, το οποίο και αυτό θα είναι διαθέσιμο αποκλειστικά στην αγορά της Ιαπωνίας.

Το Dayz Roox πρόκειται για το Mitsubishi eK Space με τα σήματα της Nissan, το οποίο διαθέτει αυτόματες πλαϊνές συρόμενες πόρτες και μπορεί να μεταφέρει με άνεση τέσσερα άτομα. Διαθέτει φιμέ πίσω παράθυρα, θερμομονωτικά κρύσταλλα τα οποία απορροφούν το 99% της υπεριώδους ακτινοβολίας, με την Nissan να το εξοπλίζει με το σύστημα Around View Monitor το οποίο προβάλει μια 360 μοιρών εικόνα περιμετρικά του αυτοκινήτου καθώς και με αυτόματο κλιματισμό με οθόνη αφής.

Έχει ακτίνα στροφής 4,4 μέτρα και το ύψος στο εσωτερικό του μετρά 1,4 μέτρα, δημιουργώντας έτσι αρκετό χώρο ακόμη και για την μεταφορά ενός 27″ ποδηλάτου.

Μηχανικά φορά έναν τρικύλινδρο 657 κ.εκ κινητήρα βενζίνης απόδοσης 49 ίππων με 59 Nm ροπής, ενώ διαθέτει και σύστημα φόρτισης της μπαταρίας κατά το φρενάρισμα. Η ενέργεια αυτή τροφοδοτεί τα ηλεκτρικά συστήματα του αυτοκινήτου, βελτιώνοντας έτσι τη κατανάλωση του βενζινοκινητήρα.

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Nissan Releases All-new Nissan DAYZ ROOX

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Feb. 13, 2014) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the all-new Nissan DAYZ ROOX, which goes on sale today at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

Following the Nissan DAYZ, the first minicar in which Nissan has been involved in the planning and development stages from start to end, the all-new Nissan DAYZ ROOX is the new super height wagon-type minicar, the second model in the Nissan DAYZ series.

The Nissan DAYZ ROOX offers packaging that delivers both spaciousness and ease-of-use, which is highly desirable to super height wagon users. The car is also equipped with a number of advanced convenience features that have been well received by Nissan DAYS owners, such as Around View Monitor that offers a virtual 360-degree view of the car from a bird’s-eye perspective, super UV-cut heat-insulated green glass that filters out up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays,*1 and a touch-screen automatic air-conditioning system. In addition, automatic sliding side doors that the popular previous-generation ROOX offered are adopted to deliver user-friendliness. For the exterior, tinted glass is used all around the body, creating a “floating roof” appearance. With a low waistline, it delivers high visibility and roominess. Like the Nissan DAYZ, a three-dimensional dynamic exterior shape and comfortable interior space are inherent to the design. To reduce engine load and realize higher efficiency and economy, a new battery-assist system contributes to reduced gasoline consumption and improved fuel efficiency.

The Nissan DAYZ ROOX qualifies for tax breaks to promote the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles and is exempt from the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax*2.

Based on the dual-pillar strategy of Zero Emissions and PURE DRIVE*3, Nissan continues its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its product lineup. The new Nissan DAYZ ROOX is one of Nissan’s PURE DRIVE models.

Product planning and development of the Nissan DAYZ series is undertaken by NMKV Ltd., a joint venture between Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Highlights of the new Nissan DAYZ ROOX:

Advanced Convenience Features Enhance our Daily Lives The Nissan DAYZ ROOX boasts many advanced features that deliver comfort and convenience. The car will be offered with the popular Around View Monitor*4 that offers a virtual 360-degree view of the car from a bird’s-eye perspective. The system can display the top and front view, or the top and rear view at the same time as showing the vehicle’s 360-degree surroundings. The side view display can help drivers detect potentially unseen objects, aiding maneuvers on narrow side streets. The Nissan DAYZ ROOX has a compact minimum turning radius of 4.4 m (with 14-inch tires) for excellent maneuverability, and exceptional outward vision, making it agile and easy to navigate in crowded areas and/or tight spaces.

The convenient automatic sliding side doors, operated by pressing a button on the smart key, open and close quickly, which can be very helpful during those times when the driver’s arms are full or on a rainy day. The seat under-box storage is accessible from both the front or rear seats and blends in with the vehicle’s elegant interior styling.

The Nissan DAYZ ROOX also features a touch-screen automatic air-conditioning system, adopted from the popular Nissan DAYZ. Offering high readability on a large, ultra-bright monitor, the touch panel has a smooth surface, making it easy to clean. In addition, the answer-back element adds to the advanced functionality. Another proven Nissan DAYZ feature is the super UV-cut heat-insulated green glass in the front doors that filters out up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Dynamic Exterior Design Exudes Roominess and a High-quality Interior Nissan designers wanted the exterior of Nissan DAYZ ROOX to exude a sense of interior spaciousness. The head-turning shape of the new minicar is enhanced by tinted glass all around the body that creates a “floating roof” appearance. A subtle character line flows smoothly from the front of the vehicle toward the rear bumper, creating a sense of substance to the body and strength to the vehicle’s profile. Another character line kicks up sharply at the rear of the sliding doors, an element adopted from the Serena.

Featuring a low waistline, large windows and clean instrument panel, the Nissan DAYZ ROOX interior creates a sense of brightness and openness. The upper instrument panel seems to wrap around the front-seat occupants, flowing from the interior door trim. A flat and modern shift panel and open tray blend together in a clean and efficient way and the audio panel appears to float atop the instrument panel pad. Additionally, the seats have been designed and engineered to provide maximum comfort and excellent lateral support.

Advanced Interior Ergonomics with Exceptional Rear-Seat Comfort A rear ceiling air ventilation fan allows air to flow to the rear of the cabin, with controls to adjust the direction and volume of airflow from the front, ensuring maximum air circulation and comfort for all occupants. Also, rear roll-down sunshades have been added to block sunlight, cutting the temperature inside the vehicle by up to four degrees Celsius, all of which results in comfort for rear-seat passengers*5.

With class-leading*6 interior height of 1,400 mm that can accommodate a 27-inch bicycle, the Nissan DAYZ ROOX delivers maximum flexibility and convenience to its users, whether they are changing children’s clothes, carrying a child car seat, or simply loading and unloading tall items. Up front, more-narrow A-pillars and expansive glass help promote excellent outward vision and visibility during turns. Given the width of the pillars and the tall roof, all of the vehicle’s occupants are treated to a refreshing feeling of openness.

The DAYZ ROOX features a long sliding rear seat with a class-leading*5 sliding width of 260 mm. The driver can park the vehicle and slide rearward – close enough to touch the face of a child sitting in the car seat in the rear.

Maximum Efficiency and Economy Achieved via an Innovative Battery-Assist System To realize higher efficiency and economy, Nissan is introducing a new battery-assist technology developed by NMKV. The system charges a nickel-hydrogen battery during deceleration and uses the energy to power electrical equipment, such as the audio and navigation systems. By reducing the need for power from the alternator, gasoline consumption is reduced, contributing to reduce the burden on the engine and increasing the satisfaction of Nissan DAYZ ROOX owners everywhere they go.

Sales target: 5,000 units / month Price range: 1,240,050 yen to 1,852,200 yen, including consumption tax Sales launch event: February 15 (Sat.) – 16 (Sun.) and 22 (Sat.) – 23 (Sun.)

<Overview of the new Nissan DAYZ ROOX> 1. Advanced and convenient features

  • Around View Monitor (Standard on all grades except for S and Highway STAR S)
  • Automatic sliding side doors (Standard on Highway STAR X G Package and Highway STAR Turbo / Option on some grades)
  • Super UV-cut heat-insulated green glass (Standard on all grades except for S and Highway STAR S)
  • Touch-screen automatic air-conditioning system (Standard on all grades except for S)
  • Under-seat compartment (slide type)
  • Rear ceiling air ventilation fan (Standard on all grades except for S and Highway STAR S)
  • Roll-down sunshades (Standard on all grades except for S and Highway STAR S)
  • Front passenger seat back table (with a shopping bag hook) (Standard on all grades except for S)
  • Long sliding rear seat
  • Electric retractable remote control body-colored door mirrors with integrated side turn lamps (Standard on all grades except for S and X)
  • Push-button Engine Start (Standard on all grades except for S)
  • Intelligent Key (Standard on all grades except for S)

2. Design Exterior Dynamic, stylish shape with a sense of individuality

  • Tinted glass all around the body that creates a “floating roof” appearance offering exceptional visibility and interior roominess
  • Distinctive waistline that kicks up sharply at the rear of the sliding doors
  • Two character lines that create a sense of substance and strength to the vehicle’s profile
  • Three-dimensional rear view with strong presence

■ Highway STAR Sporty and bold design with a strong presence that is common in the Nissan Highway STAR series

  • Massive bumper design and aero parts that express stability and an aerodynamic impression
  • A large chrome grille with strong chrome-plated bars with the second bar fitted with headlights, expressing a wide feel.
  • LED positioning lights installed parallel to bi-xenon headlights and chrome-plated bars
  • Chrome-plated license finisher and LED rear combination lamps with a modern clear lens that adds a premium touch to rear view

■ Normal Simple, premium-feel design with chrome-plated grille, clear-cut wide headlights and a clean bumper

  • Radiator grille with chrome-plated bars with a high-quality feel
  • Lower end of chrome-plated bars linked to headlights making front mask look wide
  • Rear combination lamps with a modern clear lens highlighted by a red inner lens

Interior Roomy comfortable cabin with a sense of openness and high quality

  • Two-stage instrument panel divided by wide open tray
  • Upper instrument panel that seems to wrap around the front-seat occupants, flowing from the interior door trim
  • Flat and modern shift panel (like a tablet computer) that links to the open tray
  • Audio panel appears to float atop the instrument panel for user-friendliness
  • Fine Vision Meter with its scale shaded in grey expressing an advanced and relaxed feel

■ Highway STAR Sporty, svelte ebony interior with a premium feel, accented with a silver finish and piano black trim. Suede-like seat cloth accented with dull glowing gunmetal gray lends a premium feel.

■ Normal High-contrast ivory interior that accentuates the piano black trim. With muted pink accent stitching and embossing added to the suede-like seat cloth with a soft feel to the touch, enjoyment and warmth are provided.

Color Eight available exterior colors including three new colors: Azalea Pink (M), Pink Gold (M) and Mocha Brown (P)

3. Driving performance

  • 3B20 engine
  • Highly-efficient XTRONIC CVT
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Battery-assist system (Standard on all grades except for turbo models)
  • Idling Stop (Standard on all grades except for turbo models)
  • Eco-drive indicator that evaluates fuel-efficient driving
  • Lightweight body
  • Great aerodynamic performance
  • Fuel-efficient tires that reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency

4. Other Key Safety, Convenience and Environmental Technologies

  • Halogen headlights (Standard on S and X)
  • Bi-xenon headlights (Standard on all grades except for S and X)
  • Auto light system (Standard on Highway STAR X G Package and Highway STAR Turbo)
  • High-Mount Stop Lamp
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Rear windshield wiper
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control <TCS functionality included>) (Standard on Highway STAR Turbo / Option on some grades)
  • High-strength steel body construction
  • Double pretensioner seatbelts with load limiter for the driver’s seat
  • Seatbelt with pretensioner and load limiter for the front passenger seat
  • Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) 3-point seatbelts for all seats
  • SRS front air bag system for front passenger seats
  • SRS side air bag system for front passenger seats (Standard on Highway STAR X, Highway STAR X G Package and Highway STAR Turbo / Option on some grades)
  • Fuel economy calculated based on JC08 mode
  • Achieves “20% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 Japanese standards” (vehicles equipped with naturally-aspirated engines) or “2015 fuel economy standards” (vehicles equipped with turbo engines)
  • Every grade achieves SU-LEV certification, emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards
  1. *1: According to Nissan (Compliant with ISO 9050)
  2. *2: Achieves both 20% improvement in fuel economy over 2015 Japanese standards and SU-LEV certification by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards.
  3. *3: PURE DRIVE vehicles are designed to combine various models with eco-technologies.
  4. *4: Parking aid/convenience feature. Cannot completely eliminate blind spots. May not detect every object and does not warm of moving objects. Always check surroundings before moving vehicle. Not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn to check what is behind you before backing up.
  5. *5: Under a condition that outside temperature is 35 degrees Celsius and room temperature is 28 degrees Celsius with volume of air conditioner airflow set at Mid and volume of rear ceiling air ventilation fan set at High. (According to NMKV)
  6. *6: Height wagon-type minicars with height 1,700 mm or more (As of January 2014, according to Nissan)