Η Infiniti ανακοίνωσε πλάνα που θα δούνε την γκάμα της να μεγαλώνει κατά 60% σε σύγκριση με την τρέχουσα, μέχρι το 2020.

Μιλώντας στα εγκαίνια του νέου design studio της εταιρίας στο Λονδίνο, ο αντιπρόεδρος της φίρμας για την EMEA, Francois Goupil de Bouille, είπε:

Το πάθος μας για το design θα δώσει μία ευρεία γκάμα ιδιαίτερων premium οχημάτων. Η επέκταση της γκάμας μας, είναι στην “καρδιά” του σχεδίου ανάπτυξης.

Ο de Bouille φυσικά αρνήθηκε να δώσει περαιτέρω πληροφορίες για το ποια ακριβώς θα είναι τα μοντέλα που θα προστεθούν στο portfolio της εταιρίας και αρκέστηκε στο να πει ότι το Q80 Inspiration Fastback concept αποτελεί πρόγευση ενός νέου sedan που θα τοποθετηθεί στην κορυφή της γκάμας. Από εκεί και πέρα, γνωρίζουμε πως η Infiniti δουλεύει πάνω σε δύο entry-level μοντέλα (Q30 και QX30) αν και δεν ξέρουμε αν τα συμπεριλαμβάνει ο de Bouille σε αυτό το 60% καθώς και ένα ηλεκτρικό όχημα με την ονομασία LE.

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New London design studio aims to put the romance back into premium motoring

LONDON – Infiniti opened its new automotive design facility in London today.

With a mission to make cars look and feel romantic again, Infiniti Design London, based in the iconic Battleship Building at Paddington Basin, is the first of a network of global design studios for the company as it gears up for a new-model offensive over the next five years, including an all-new model to be manufactured in the UK. Infiniti plans to expand its premium model range by 60 percent by the end of the decade.

“Design is a key driver as we continue to sharpen the Infiniti brand,” said Francois Goupil de Bouillé, Infiniti vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Our passion for design will deliver a broad range of very distinct premium vehicles. The expansion of our product portfolio is at the core of our growth plan.”

With Infiniti Design London fully open, the facility will be able to design and make full-size clay models. It is one of very few full-capability automotive design centers around the world to have a city centre location.

The studio occupies space within the Battleship Building, so-called because of the way its superstructure rears up above the surrounding area and the close-by Westway road. The building was completed in 1969 as a maintenance depot for British Rail and is listed as being of historical importance.

“With the expansion of the portfolio, Infiniti design will keep evolving,” said Shiro Nakamura, chief creative officer of Infiniti and senior vice president of Nissan Motor Corporation. “Having dedicated studios is essential to deepen Infiniti design. This is the first step of a global initiative to purify and reinforce the distinctiveness of Infiniti design. The next steps are to open Infiniti design studios in Beijing and San Diego as well shortly.”

At the studio’s opening ceremony, Infiniti executive design director Alfonso Albaisa said: “Infiniti has always been about passion – for design, performance and craftsmanship. With our new generation models, we want to express all that passion plus a new romanticism, and London is a great place to find the inspiration for it. London buzzes with youthful excitement. We are here to pick up that buzz and tailor premium products so they deliver a European take on Infiniti.”

Car enthusiasts will be able to judge that for themselves in two weeks when Infiniti’s new concept car has its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show on October 2. Designed at the London facility, the concept – called Q80 Inspiration – previews a new top-of-the-range model for Infiniti.

Already more than 10 new Infiniti models have been designed in Infiniti’s design studios around the world in the past 18 months. Concept versions of the new “romantic” models will start to appear at upcoming international motor shows.

Infiniti Design London joins other Infiniti facilities in the UK including an engineering center at Cranfield and an assembly plant in Sunderland, which next year will begin the first Infiniti production in Europe.

The design studio employs many nationalities including Belgian, Croatian, German, Korean, Russian and Welsh, among its staff of designers, modelers and color and trim specialists.