Ford Edge 7-Seat Version (2)

Η Ford στην έκθεση της Guangzhou παρουσιάζει την επταθέσια έκδοση του Edge. Το επταθέσιο Edge θα ξεκινήσει τις πωλήσεις του στη Κίνα από τις αρχές του 2015 και θα κατασκευάζεται στο εργοστάσιο της κοινοπραξίας Changan Ford στη Κίνα.

Το μήκος του είναι μεγαλύτερο από αυτό της πεντάπορτης έκδοσης, με το μοντέλο, να προσφέρεται στη Κίνα, με τον V6 2,7-λίτρων EcoBoost κινητήρα βενζίνης απόδοσης 300 ίππων. Το αν το επταθέσιο μοντέλο πωλείται και σε άλλες αγορές εκτός της Κίνας, είναι κάτι που η Ford δεν το έχει ανακοινώσει.

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  • New three-row Ford Edge makes its global debut at Changan Ford Go Further event
  • Full seven-seat capability combines with smart technology and a 2.7L EcoBoost engine to offer customers in China a refined SUV to match their lifestyle
  • New Ford Edge to be manufactured by Changan Ford, starting in 2015

Continuing to deliver on its promise to bring more class-leading global vehicles to China, Ford has debuted the new Ford Edge with full seven-seat capability at Changan Ford’s ‘Go Further’ event in Guangzhou.

Building on the bold design and long list of features in the new global Edge, which was revealed in Detroit in June 2014, the Edge for China adds a third row of seating and other features tailored specifically to the needs of customers in China.

The 2015 Edge is new from wheels to roof, designed to reset the standard in the three-row SUV market. It has been reimagined with a stronger, more athletic shape and has been retooled to meet higher expectations for quality and reengineered to add more features and technologies for a more rewarding driving experience.

“Ford is continuing to deliver on our promise of introducing 15 new vehicles in China by 2015,” said Ford Motor China President John Lawler.

“Creating and producing the three-row Edge for China shows how carefully we are listening to our customers here. Our research indicates that premium SUV customers in China are looking for more space and comfort. By building on the global Ford Edge, we have been able to deliver that with this vehicle.”

SUVs are the fastest-growing segment in the world, with demand up 88 percent since 2008, according to IHS Automotive, which forecasts market information and competitive data on the global automotive industry.

The new Edge builds on the leadership and strength of Ford’s new vehicle lineup in China and SUV heritage and will provide SUV customers even more versatility, capability, smart technology and efficiency.

It will be manufactured in China by Ford Motor Company’s Joint Venture Changan Ford and sold through Changan Ford dealerships.

“The new Ford Edge for China is the perfect example of Ford using the best of our global vehicle development resources, including the team in China, to tailor a global vehicle to meet the specific needs of our customers here,” said Changan Ford President Marin Burela.

“We are pleased to confirm that Changan Ford will manufacture the new three-row Edge for China, particularly as it will allow us to enter a new segment, targeted at SUV customers looking for a more refined, well-appointed vehicle.”

Further details of the new Ford Edge for China will be shared closer to the launch in 2015.