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Όλοι γνωρίζουμε για τι είναι ικανό ένα monster truck. Συνήθως όμως, οι ικανότητες του, περιορίζονται στην καταστροφή και τα άλματα, όχι στην ταχύτητα. Δεν είναι θέμα ιπποδύναμης… Είναι θέμα βάρους, αεροδυναμικής, ύψους και πάρα πολλών άλλων αλλά όλα αυτά δεν σταμάτησαν το Raminator, που έθεσε νέο ρεκόρ και έγινε το ταχύτερο monster truck του κόσμου.

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Η προσπάθεια έγινε στην Circuit of the Americas και οδηγός του Raminator ήταν ο Mark Hall που κατάφερε να κάνει το monster truck των 2.000+ -προσφορά ενός supercharged HEMI V8 με χωρητικότητα 9.2 λίτρων- να πιάσει 99.10 μίλια ανά ώρα ή 159.4 χιλιόμετρα ανά ώρα και να σπάσει το προηγούμενο ρεκόρ των 96.8 mph -155.7 km/h-

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Raminator Monster Truck and Hall Brothers Racing Team Shatter Guinness World Records® Record: Fastest Speed for a Monster Truck

America’s fastest growing truck brand breaks speed record for monster trucks at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas

December 15, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Raminator, a monster truck sponsored by the Ram Truck brand, has broken the Guinness World Records® record for the “Fastest Speed for a Monster Truck” at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. Hitting a new record speed of 99.10 miles per hour (mph), Raminator and driver Mark Hall secured the Guinness World Records title at 8:44 a.m. (CT), breaking the previous record of 96.8 mph.

As the fastest growing truck brand in America, the Ram Truck brand is a long time sponsor of the fastest Monster Truck, the Raminator. The Ram-sponsored monster truck lineup includes the 2014 Monster Truck Nationals Champion Raminator and Rammunition, sponsored since 2002. In 2014, Mopar also introduced Mopar Muscle; the monster truck it sponsors. The entire line of monster trucks are owned and operated by the Hall Brothers Racing Team based out of Champaign, Ill. Raminator has been named Monster Truck Racing Association’s (MTRA) “Truck of the Year” a record eight times, while Mark Hall, driver of Raminator, has been named MTRA “Driver of the Year” nine times since 1996, and Crew Chief Tim Hall has been named MTRA “Mechanic of the Year” five times since 2006.

“Taking on the challenge of breaking a world record has been an experience we will never forget,” said Hall Brothers Racing President and Crew Chief Tim Hall. “With the support of Ram and Mopar, we continue to add to our achievements and are honored to now be a Guinness World Records holder.”

Ram Trucks chose Circuit of The Americas, a multi-purpose facility and 3.4-mile race track situated on 1000-acre site in southeast Austin, as the site for this attempt at the record. Throughout the year, the Ram monster trucks compete in races and freestyle events and tour the country, making appearances at dealerships to offer ride-alongs and car-crushing spectacles for hundreds of thousands of fans of all ages.

For more information on Raminator or Hall Brothers Racing visit http://www.raminator.com/ or to check out Circuit of The Americas, visit http://circuitoftheamericas.com/.