OnStar breakdown prediction system

Η General Motors έχει καεί από το χυλό και φυσάει και το γιαούρτι. Κάπως έτσι εκλαμβάνω την ανάπτυξη ενός νέου συστήματος, το οποίο θα βοηθάει στην πρόβλεψη βλαβών πριν αυτές συμβούν.

OnStar breakdown prediction system

Το σύστημα αξιοποιεί την συνδεσιμότητα του 4G LTE δικτύου της OnStar και στέλνει τα στοιχεία του οχήματος τους servers της OnStar. Αυτές οι πληροφορίες στη συνέχεια τροφοδοτούνται μέσω αλγορίθμων, που καθορίζουν κατά πόσο ή όχι τα μηχανικά μέρη του αυτοκινήτου χρειάζονται προσοχή. Όταν εντοπιστεί ένα πρόβλημα, ο ιδιοκτήτης θα ειδοποιηθεί μέσω e-mail, μήνυμα κειμένου, ειδοποιήσεις εντός του οχήματος ή από το smartphone app της OnStar, το RemoteLink.

OnStar breakdown prediction system

Η υπηρεσία αυτή θα προσφέρεται σε επιλεγμένα νέα μοντέλα, όπως η Chevrolet Corvette, το Equinox, το Tahoe, το Suburban, το Silverado και το Silverado HD. Αρχικά το σύστημα θα επικεντρωθεί στην μπαταρία, τη μίζα και την αντλία καυσίμου, αλλά επιπλέον μέρη αναμένεται να προστεθούν στο μέλλον.

OnStar breakdown prediction system

Σύμφωνα με την αντιπρόεδρο της παγκόσμιας εμπειρίας των πελατών της General Motors, Alicia Boler-Davis, η οποία δήλωσε:

Η χρήση της καινοτόμου πλατφόρμας OnStar 4G LTE, μπορούμε να παρακολουθούμε ενεργά την υγεία των μερών του αυτοκίνητου και να ειδοποιούμε τους πελάτες μας, αν τα εξαρτήματα του οχήματος χρειάζονται προσοχή. Κανείς άλλος στην βιομηχανία δεν το προσφέρει αυτό.

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Chevrolet Opens New Chapter for Driver Assurance

Customers will soon drive vehicles that can predict future service needs

DETROIT – Chevrolet is using advanced connected vehicle technology to give customers an unprecedented level of assurance in their vehicles later this year. This industry-leading prognostic technology can predict and notify drivers when certain components need attention – in many cases before vehicle performance is impacted.

The predictive technology is initially focused on the battery, starter motor and fuel pump, all critical to starting and keeping a vehicle running. Additional vehicle parts and components are expected to be added in future model years.

“This is a new chapter in our pursuit to provide customers with convenience and the best overall service in the industry,” said Alicia Boler-Davis, General Motors senior vice president, Global Connected Customer Experience. “Using our innovative OnStar 4G LTE connectivity platform, we can actively monitor vehicle component health and notify our customers if covered vehicle components need attention. Nobody else in the industry is offering this.”

Building on the 15-year history of connected vehicle technology through OnStar, the prognostic service relies on OnStar 4G LTE to provide data streams from sensors within the vehicle. When a customer has enrolled their properly equipped vehicle in this service, the data is sent to OnStar’s secure servers and proprietary algorithms are applied to assess whether certain conditions could impact vehicle performance. When indicated, notifications are sent to the customer via email, text message, in-vehicle alerts or through the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app.

This service is expected to be available on select 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado and Silverado HD models equipped with certain powertrains, followed by more Chevrolet vehicles throughout the 2016 model year.

Prognostic capability is the latest advancement in a suite of services that will keep Chevrolet customers informed from the first day of ownership through many years into the future.

Another Advancement in Vehicle Diagnostics

Chevrolet customers with an active OnStar connection today can monitor tire pressure, oil life and other key data points via the OnStar RemoteLink smartphone app or through a monthly diagnostic email sent from the vehicle.

In 2016, Chevrolet is adding a new capability, which allows customers to check these key data points continuously, without having to wait for their monthly email. Keeping a vehicle’s tires filled to the recommended pressure and keeping vital systems well-maintained can lower fuel costs and extend a vehicle’s life.

Together, Chevrolet’s advanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities will keep owners more informed and empowered to make every trip confidently through years of ownership.