Αν σε ρωτούσα ποιο είναι το ταχύτερο station wagon στο Nurburgring, τι θα μου απαντούσες; Η λογική θα σε οδηγούσε να επιλέξεις κάτι σαν το Audi RS6 Avant. Αν ήσουν τολμηρός, μπορεί να μου έλεγες Cadillac CTS-V Sportwagon. Δύσκολα όμως θα επέλεγες ένα μπροστοκίνητο station wagon με 280 άλογα… “μόνο”.


Μέχρι πριν λίγο καιρό, θα είχες δίκιο. Το Audi RS6 ήταν όντως το ταχύτερο station wagon με χρόνο 8 λεπτών και 5 δευτερολέπτων. Όπως έσπασε το φράγμα των 8 λεπτών για τα hot hatches όμως, έτσι το Seat Leon ST Cupra 280 σπάει το φράγμα των 8 λεπτών και για τα station wagons. Παρά το αυξημένο κατά 45 κιλά βάρος και το αυξημένο κατά 27 εκατοστά μήκος συγκρινόμενο με το Leon Cupra hatchback, το ST Cupra κατάφερε να κάνει ταχύτερο χρόνο ακόμα και από το τρίθυρο αδερφάκι του. 0.4 δευτερόλεπτα ταχύτερο, αλλά ταχύτερο όπως και να έχει. Ο χρόνος που έγραψε το Seat Leon ST Cupra, είναι 7 λεπτά και 58 δευτερόλεπτα. Ο άνθρωπος πίσω από το τιμόνι, ο Ισπανός Jordi Gene, δήλωσε:


Στις γρήγορες στροφές, ο πίσω άξονας του ST είναι πιο προοδευτικός και η τελική είναι μεγαλύτερη λόγω του μειωμένου συντελεστή οπισθέλκουσας. Ότι χάνουμε στις εξόδους κάποιων στροφών, το κερδίζουμε πίσω στις γρήγορες στροφές και τις ευθείες.


Με το μακρύτερο αμάξωμα, μπορούμε να παίξουμε με το πίσω μέρος για να τοποθετήσουμε το αυτοκίνητο. Είναι ένα ωραίο, αγωνιστικό συναίσθημα όταν απενεργοποιείς το ESC.


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  • SEAT Leon ST CUPRA 280: only 7:58.12 minutes through the Green Hell
  • Makes its world debut at GTI Wörthersee Treffen from 13 to 16 May 2015
  • Pure emotion and dynamics – impressive Leon range at Reifnitz

With a record-breaking time of 7:58.12 minutes, the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA 280 is the fastest estate car around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Making its world debut at this year’s Wörthersee Treffen in Austria, the latest addition to the CUPRA stable is set to make the hearts of the expected 200,000 car fans and tuners from a host of different countries beat that little bit faster. Showcasing a total of five impressive variants from the Leon range, SEAT will travel from Martorell in Spain to Reifnitz, some 1,515 kilometres away.

An approachable star – the SEAT Leon ST Cupra

On 13th May, there will be 280 PS rolling through the small town, where the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA 280 will celebrate its debut at the legendary meeting. Speaking about the record which he set, using the standard front-wheel-drive production estate with manual transmission and Performance Pack, Spanish racing driver and SEAT brand ambassador Jordi Gené, said, “It was an indescribable feeling to get the best out of this car and to be the first to achieve this record,” said Jordi Gené. The sports tourer benefits significantly from the Limited Front Slip Differential (VAQ) of the SEAT Leon CUPRA 280 and the six-speed manual gearbox – systems that enable it to ensure a secure grip on the road, even under difficult conditions. “The Leon ST CUPRA reinforces that an estate car doesn’t have to be a compromise. This record time is not only another symbol of our claim ‘Technology to Enjoy’, but also sets new standards. The SEAT Leon ST CUPRA is a sports car for the whole family,” said Dr. Matthias Rabe, SEAT Vice President for Research and Development.

At this year’s cult event, the the Leon ST CUPRA 280  will also be showcased with the “Black” Performance Pack. Painted in Dynamic Grey, it is sure to cut a sleek figure with its 19-inch alloy wheels, BREMBO high-performance braking system and body-colour side skirts. Through its sublime blend of power and comfort, the SEAT Leon ST CUPRA 280 achieves a perfect balance which appeals to both the heart and the head. Not only is there space for the whole family, the powerful 280 PS engine also delivers thrilling performance.

Traditionally, SEAT shows something extreme at the Wörthersee Treffen and this year is no exception. Austrian racing driver Mario Dablander, who is a touring car racing driver in the 2015 SEAT Leon Eurocup, will bring his SEAT Leon CUP RACER to the event after the race in Portugal.

The extraordinary in the ordinary – SEAT Leon SC Cupra and SEAT Leon Cupra

This year, SEAT is presenting two particularly attention-grabbing models in Dynamic Grey and Blanco Nevada paintwork. The SEAT Leon SC CUPRA 280 provides visual impact with an “Orange” Performance Pack. The three-door sets sporty accents with the orange front grille, colour-coordinated mirrors and orange rims against the flat grey paintwork. In addition, the high-performance brake system, along with the 19-inch high-performance tyres and side skirts likewise deliver a strong presence. The Leon five-door CUPRA 280 is no less impressive. The Blanco Nevada colour concept, in combination with the Black Line package, gives the model a mean look. Particularly eye-catching are the entry sills at the front, rear side spoilers and the 19-inch alloy wheels painted in high-gloss black. Beyond their sporty design and 280 PS performance, both model variants are also optionally equipped with the well-known highly innovative assistance systems.