Volkswagen T6 California Camper Van (5)

Αυτό είναι το νέο California και η Volkswagen ανακοίνωσε ότι οι πωλήσεις του έχουν αρχίσει με την τιμή του να ξεκινά από τα €41.429,85 στην Γερμανία. Το VW California, βασίζεται στο T6 που παρουσιάστηκε πρόσφατα και είναι διαθέσιμο σε 3 εκδόσεις: Beach, Coast και Ocean.

Στον standard εξοπλισμό, βρίσκουμε συστήματα όπως το χειροκίνητο pop-top, το αφαιρούμενο τραπεζάκι πικ-νικ και οι αναδιπλούμενες καρέκλες. Το αμέσως “πλουσιότερο” Coast, διαθέτει κουζινάκι με δύο εστίες, νεροχύτη, ψυγείο 42 λίτρων και premium έπιπλα με ξύλινα και αλουμινένια διακοσμητικά. Τέλος, το ακριβότερο και ακόμα πιο πλούσια εξοπλισμένο Ocean, έχει ηλεκτρικό pop-top, LED φωτισμό κ.ά.

Στην αρχή, το California θα προσφέρεται με διάφορους πετρελαιοκινητήρες με ιπποδυνάμεις που θα ξεκινούν από τα 84 άλογα και θα καταλήγουν στα 204 ενώ αργότερα, στην γκάμα θα προστεθούν και δύο βενζινοκινητήρες με 149 και 204 ίππους.

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Run of House – the presale of the new California has begun

  • In three equipment lines: Beach, Coast and Ocean
  • Starting price starting at € 41,429.85
  • New TDI and TSI engines – less fuel consumption and engine start-stop as standard
  • Modern infotainment, assistance systems and DCC chassis

Hanover, June 10, 2015 – In Germany, now on sale for the new California at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with the dealers started. Prices start at € 41,429.85 (California Beach with 62kW TDI).

The California is now available in the equipment lines Beach, Coast and Ocean: It starts with the California Beach. He is the perfect combination of an up to 7-seat cars and a motor home with up to five beds. Equipped as standard with a manual pop-top and two different layouts (2-deck seat with storage compartment or folding 3-seater bench with multiflex board), he has for everyday life and traveling a great base. This darkening is just as important as the ability to rotate through integrated blinds the front seats to get a cozy sitting area. Combined with the removable picnic table in the sliding door and the folding chairs in the tailgate you are at all times ready for the small or big excursion. Another new feature is the California Coast. With a manual pop-top and a furniture line of aluminum in light wood decor it is losing more than motorhome car without the high suitability for everyday use. With up to five seats it shows how sophisticated is the concept of California. The kitchen with stainless steel sink, 42 liter cool box with insert basket and two burner gas stove with piezo ignition paired with lots of storage space allows a comfortable life even on extended trips.

The California Ocean has a very extensive standard equipment, among other things with auxiliary heating, Climatronic, double glazing , power closure and much more. The pop-up roof is operated electro-hydraulically, it rises and falls at your fingertips. The new dimmable LED lighting in the pop-up roof and the tailgate are preparing a whole new feel-good atmosphere in the vehicle. An essential basic feature of the California series is in addition to the convertible, multifunctional interior and built-in accessories, the folding double bed in the “first floor”. So the pop-up with a sleeping area of 1.2 x 2 meters and the proven floor plan with a folding couch seat in the rear, which can be put to the lying surface plan as needed, and, depending on a slim kitchenette with coolbox, gas stove and sink was and storage space on the left maintained. Similarly, the vehicle height is still old-compatible 1.99 meters on all three models. With improvements, the successful concept has been made ??even better. Even also to small details has been thought: there is now a multifunctional holder for the rear area. He’s cup holder, ashtray holder and towel rail in one. A small gimmick, but showing how to detail in the design of the expansion was.

The integrated accessories such as camping chairs and table can be stored space savingly and securely fixed, but never in the way and is always on board. In addition, the California models are equipped as standard or optional on all numerous innovations of the latest generation of T- Series – driver assistance systems on latest Infotainment with “App Connect” to the Adaptive Dynamics. Traveling is more comfortable, safer and more fun. The latest generation of engines offers with each unit a particularly low fuel consumption (from 6.3 liters and 164 g / km) – without compromising driving pleasure. All new TDI engines – 62-150 kW – meet the Euro 6 emission standards and equipped as standard with BlueMotion Technology with engine start-stop. Over the entire series save the new engines around a liter of fuel compared to the previous generation.

Overall, consumption has been reduced by an average of 15% percent. DSG and 4MOTION all-wheel drive – – By the fall of more motor-gear combinations and two petrol engines with 110 and 150 kW included in the offer program. Since the introduction of the model California in 1988, each generation has been more popular. In the T3 version and 22,000 were built in the T4 version 39,000 California. The T5 version of Volkswagen California reached a production record of more than 50,000 vehicles.