Mahindra and Pininfarina Formula E concepts (1)

H Mahindra Racing και ο οίκος Pininfarina παρουσίασαν τρία σχεδιαστικά πρωτότυπα για το πως θα μπορούσαν να μοιάζουν ενδεχομένως τα μονοθέσια της Formula E στο μέλλον.

Όπως αναφέρουν οι δύο εταιρίες, η παρουσίαση των πρωτότυπων έγινε προκειμένου να “τονωθεί και να επιμεληθεί μια συζήτηση σχετικά με την μελλοντική μορφή και την τεχνολογία που θα έχουν τα επόμενης γενιάς μονοθέσια της Formula E

Ο πρόεδρος της Mahindra, Anand Mahindra είπε πως η εταιρία του είναι ένας πρωτοπόρος της τεχνολογίας ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων και προσπαθεί πάντα να διευρύνει τα όριά αυτής της συναρπαστικής νέας μορφής κινητικότητας, με την συμμετοχή της στο πρωτάθλημα της Formula E να τους δίνει μια πλατφόρμα για να συν-δημιουργήσουν το μέλλον της κινητικότητας.

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Mahindra and Pininfarina give fans a glimpse into the future

Mahindra Racing and Pininfarina today released three concept designs for a future Formula E racing car. These images are the product of a collaborative and creative project that offers fans a glimpse into the future of potential Formula E car design.

The release of these images follows the recent launch of the FIA tender to design and manufacture the chassis that will be used from season five onwards. To reduce costs, all teams will use the same chassis with the powertrain and software being open to development by individual manufacturers.

Mahindra Racing aims to stimulate and curate a conversation on the future form and next generation technology of Formula E, encouraging fans to share their thoughts on these designs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FormulaEConcepts

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, said: “Mahindra is a pioneer of EV technology that is always striving to push the boundaries of this exciting new form of mobility. Our participation in the FIA Formula E Championship gives us yet another platform to co-create the future of mobility. While these innovative designs are a creative project at this stage, I would be thrilled to see the M5Electro look like this.”

Pininfarina joined the Mahindra Group in December 2015, signing an investment agreement with Tech Mahindra. With legendary high-end design credentials across many sectors, it is perhaps Pininfarina’s era-defining automotive designs which most racing fans will associate with the iconic Italian design house. The H2 Speed hydrogen car concept was most recently awarded Best Concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Chief Creative Officer of Pininfarina Fabio Filippini, commented: “Formula E is one of the most exciting signs of the changes underway in the automotive world as well as in motor racing. Its success is the proof. Exercising our creativity on these sketches allowed us to imagine the evolution of this formula. A possible contribution of Pininfarina to the future development of a Formula E car would be a highly motivating challenge, fully consistent with our mission of creators and innovators in the automotive field.”