Η Nissan παρουσίασε την MY2017 έκδοση του GT-R Nismο GT500 για το πρωτάθλημα του Super GT. Το νέο αγωνιστικό νέο bodykit με τεράστια πίσω αεροτομή, φουσκωμένους θόλους και μεγάλο splitter ώστε να πληροί τους κανονισμούς του 2017 που θέλουν τα αγωνιστικά να έχουν 25% λιγότερη κάθετη δύναμη.


Το νέο αγωνιστικό έχει χαμηλότερο κέντρο βάρους και βελτιωμένη κατανομή, με την Nissan να δηλώνει πως θα προχωρήσει σε περαιτέρω βελτιώσεις. nissan-gt-r-nismo-gt500-2017-4

Στόχος της Nismo είναι το πρωτάθλημα κατασκευαστών, με την εταιρία να το κατακτά τις σεζόν του 2014 και του 2015.


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YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan’s new GT500 challenger, which aims to battle for championship success in 2017, was revealed on the eve of last weekend’s Super GT final rounds.

The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 was unveiled at Twin Ring Motegi along with entries from rivals Lexus and Honda.

New regulations for 2017 include a 25 percent reduction in total downforce in all GT500 machines. NISMO has also incorporated enhancements with endurance and reliability, while further advances were achieved in power output.

The car’s dynamics were also improved through a lowered center of gravity and an optimization of weight distribution.

The new car aims to continue the incredible success for Nissan in recent years, which won the championship 2014 and 2015 and won five of the eight rounds in 2016.

“We will make further development improvements during off-season tests and aim to create a race car that will shine brilliantly within the history of motorsports,” said president and CEO of NISMO, Takao Katagiri. “We hope to thrill fans with a fast, more appealing GT-R that will excite fans as it lines up on the grid for the opening round competing against the new Lexus and Honda machines.”

Fans will get another chance to view the 2017-spec GT500 GT-R at the upcoming NISMO Festival in Japan scheduled for Fuji International Speedway on December 11.