Η BMW μπορεί να έχει τα γνωστά της Art Car, με αυτήν την M6 GTLM να είναι το πιο πρόσφατο παράδειγμα, αλλά δεν είναι η μοναδική εταιρία που μετατρέπει τα αυτοκίνητά της σε καμβά.

Έτσι και η Renault θέλησε να δώσει στο Kwid μια καλλιτεχνική νότα και ανέθεσε στον Ινδό καλλιτέχνη Sen Shombit να “δημιουργήσει” πάνω στο σώμα του. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι αυτό που βλέπεις στις φωτογραφίες, με το έργο τέχνης να εκτίθεται μέχρι τις 27 του μηνός σε μια έκθεση στην πόλη Barbizon, 60 χιλιόμετρα νότια του Παρισιού.

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A Kwid Art Car is to be one of the stars of a new exhibition that will run in Barbizon, 60km south of Paris, France, from December 10 to 27, 2016. The exhibition, entitled Désordre [Disorder], will feature the works of Sen Shombit, a French artist of Indian origin who was approached by Renault to create a personal take on the Renault Kwid, a flagship model of the brand in India.

Sen Shombit applied the principles of his own movement – Gesturism – to create an art car in the style of his Ville Enigmatique [Enigmatic City] theme. In the words of the artist, the car is a form of dialogue between painting and design, between art and technology and between the artist himself and Renault.

The painting was done at Renault’s Design Center in Chennai, India.

“We were delighted when Sen accepted our invitation to paint a Kwid. It is the first time an artist has expressed a narrative through his own style in the form of an art car, in contrast to earlier art cars by celebrated artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, Koons and Calder which showcased the artists’ personal styles. I am fascinated by the bi-cultural side of Sen’s work. The Kwid Art Car eloquently mirrors his French and Indian inspiration thanks to the pallete seen in his Ville Enigmatique work where he juxtaposes historical French and Victorian Bengal alongside the traditional lives of Bengalis today.”

– Patrick Lecharpy, VP, Design R&D, Renault

The Kwid Art Car was displayed for the first time on November 9, 2016, at Sen Shombit’s exhibition in Kala Ghoda, the famous artists’ quarter in southern Mumbai.

The Désordre exhibition will run from December 10 to 27, 2016, at Barbizon’s Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet. The official opening ceremony at 4pm on Saturday, December 10, will be attended by Jack Lang (President of the Arab World Institute, Paris, and former French government minister) and Patrick Lecharpy (VP, Design R&D, Renault).

About the artist:

Sen Shombit was born in Calcutta, India, in 1954. In 1973, he moved to Paris, France, where he studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts and at the Académie Julian before embarking on an international career in brand and industrial design. In 1994, Sen Shombit founded the Gesturism movement whereby life is given to works by gestures and not by movement.

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