H Opel ανακοίνωσε δύο νέες εκδόσεις του Corsa τις All Black και All White Edition. Είναι τα πρώτα Corsa που φοράνε τον 1.400αρη turbo ecoFLEX βενζινοκινητήρα απόδοσης 120 ίππων με 175 Nm ροπής. Συνδυάζεται με σύστημα Start/Stop με μέση κατανάλωση 5.5 λίτρα/100 χλμ και εκπομπές CO2 129 γρ/χλμ. Τα 0-100 χλμ/ώρα τα κάνει σε 10.3 δευτ. με τελική ταχύτητα τα 195 χλμ/ώρα. Τα αυτοκίνητα πατάνε πάνω σε ζάντες 17″ και στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν νέα λευκά/μαύρα και χρωμιομένα διακοσμητικά, υφασμάτινα καθίσματα σε μαύρο ή λευκό χρώμα με ασημί ραφές, αλουμινένια πεντάλ, πολυλειτουργικό τιμόνι, σκουρόχρωμα παράθυρα, και radio-cd με δυνατότητα αναπαραγωγής MP3 και σύνδεση USB.

Οι εκδόσεις είναι διαθέσιμες σε τρίπορτη και πεντάπορτη έκδοση με αρχική τιμή στη Γερμανία τα 17.810 ευρώ. Από τον Σεπτέμβριο το Corsa θα εξοπλίζεται και με μια ανανεωμένη γενιά κιβωτίων τα οποία εξασφαλίζουν πιο ακριβή και πιο ομαλή αλλαγή ταχυτήτων. Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες μπορείς να βρεις στο δελτίο τύπου που ακολουθεί.

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Opel Corsa: 1.4 turbo debuts with new All Black/All White Color Edition

  • 88 kW/120 hp 1.4 liter turbo ecoFLEX gasoline unit with Start/Stop system
  • Only 5.5 l/100 km and 129g/km CO2, 195 km/h top speed
  • New All Black /All White Color Edition with sporty and stylish features

Rüsselsheim. The Opel Corsa engine portfolio is being expanded with a powerful and efficient 88 kW/120 hp 1.4 liter turbocharged ecoFLEX gasoline engine with a Start/Stop system. It will make its debut together with the new All Black/All White Corsa which is being added to the very popular Color Edition offer. The turbocharged 1.4 liter ecoFLEX unit will also be available across the rest of the Corsa line-up starting this summer.

Thanks to the fuel saving Start/Stop technology, both the three and five door Corsa variants with the 1.4 turbo ecoFLEX unit only use 5.5 l /100 km with COas low as 129 g/km. The turbocharged engine which is combined with a five-speed manual transmission has a power output of 88 kW/120 hp and provides maximum torque of 175 Nm starting at 1,750 rpm. It enables a top speed of 195 km/h and acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds. So Corsa customers who want a small yet powerful and fuel-efficient turbo engine can now opt for the Corsa All Black /All White Color Edition, starting as a three-door version (All White) at 17,810 euro (recommended retail price Germany including VAT).

Following the enhancements on the engine side, the second generation of Opel engineered manual transmissions will make its debut in the Corsa family in the fall and ensures even more precise and smooth gear shifting. Engineers achieved a reduction of friction and shift forces. The base transmission was comprehensively reworked.

New gears and modified parts including for example shift rods and the fork shaft were used. The end result is optimized shift comfort and a general improvement in cold and warm conditions.

Popular Corsa Color range now with All Black /All White Color Edition

The new All Black /All White variant was created as part of the highly successful Color Edition offer which gives sporty and individual accents to the Corsa family. Figures from January to May 2012 show that more than 18 percent of all three-door Corsas sold in Europe were Color Edition variants, confirming that there is strong demand for these special versions. In May 2012, the Corsa was the top selling vehicle in the small car segment in the key markets of Germany and the UK.

The Corsa All Black/All White Color Edition makes a powerful statement with its powerful exterior: customers can choose from the stylish Casablanca White or Carbon Flash exterior colors. The logo bar across the front grille is also colored black or white and elegantly blends in with the rest of the vehicle. Unique painted and polished 17” bicolor wheels to match the All Black / All White body color give the Corsa a contemporary look. The wheels are laid out in a five-spoke design adding a sporty twist to the vehicle.

The cabin is full of unique design accents including white air vent rings for the All White Edition and matt chrome rings for the All Black counterpart. The seat fabric of the Corsa All Black / All White Color Edition has striking seat fabric with silver colored seams as standard. Premium kit such as alloy sport pedals, a multi-function leather steering wheel, dark tinted windows and a chrome effect exhaust tail pipe are all standard. Like all Corsa Color Edition variants, the All Black /All White variants include a sports chassis as standard (in combination with 17” alloy wheels). As with all new members of the Corsa family, the infotainment offer of the Color Edition models has been enhanced: All CD radios now come complete with mp3 technology as standard and advanced versions also offer USB connectivity.

For those who wish to go even further upmarket, there is a broad spectrum of innovative extras not offered by competitors such as the unique Flex-Fix integrated bicycle carrier and the Adaptive Forward Lighting system (AFL). Other options include a Hill Start Assist (HSA) and a park assistant.