Toyota Mark X GRMN

Άλλο ένα concept που είχε παρουσιάσει η Toyota στο περσινό Tokyo Auto Salon, απέκτησε έκδοση παραγωγής και αυτό είναι το Mark X GRMN.

Βασίζεται πάνω στο Toyota Mark X 350S και ντύθηκε με επιθετικής σχεδίασης bodykit, με μαύρα καπάκια στους καθρέφτες, carbon οροφή, ζάντες BBS 19″ με ελαστικά Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, αεροτομή, καθώς και διπλές απολήξεις εξατμίσεων.

Toyota Mark X GRMN

Στο εσωτερικό οι αλλαγές είναι αρκετά περιορισμένες, με τη Gazoo Racing να έχει τοποθετήσει σπορ καθίσματα, νέα πατάκια, νέο τιμόνι και νέο πίνακα οργάνων, ενώ διαθέτει piano black λεπτομέρειες και σουέτ επενδύσεις με κόκκινες ραφές.

Toyota Mark X GRMN

Κάτω από το καπό του, ο V6 3,5-λίτρων αποδίδει 321 άλογα με 380 Nm ροπής. Συνδυάζεται με ένα 6-τάχυτο μηχανικό κιβώτιο που στέλνει τη κίνηση στους πίσω τροχούς μέσω ενός μπλοκέ διαφορικού. Για να περάσουν τα άλογα στο δρόμο, το Mark X GRMN διαθέτει σπορ ανάρτηση, φρένα υψηλών επιδόσεων και διάφορες ενισχύσει στο σασί. Το αυτοκίνητο θα βγει σε περιορισμένη παραγωγή 100 κομματιών και η τιμή του ξεκινάει από τα 5,4 εκατ. yen (€36,737).

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TOYOTA, and 100 units limited release the mark X “GRMN”

– At the same time, add the outer plate color to mark X G’s –

TOYOTA is, GAZOO Racing * 1 sports conversion car was developed * 2 mark X “GRMN * 3 accepts the order “from March 1, 2015, in early June Toyopet stores nationwide * 4 released in 100 units limited through to. Price is 5.4 million yen * 5 . At the same time, I have added a Awaken yellow outside plate color of Mark X 350S “G’s” and 250G “S package · G’s”. Also, January 9, 2015 (gold) from the 11th (day) of 3 days * 6 to be held at Makuhari Messe TOKYO AUTO SALON 2015 with NAPAC (Tokyo Auto Salon 2015) In addition, I will be exhibited these vehicles in various locations .

Mark X “GRMN” is, the pursuit of “manipulate joy” and “fun run”, the “adult sports FR sedan” concept, developed a mark X 350S as a base. As a domestic FR sedan that it sells in the country, in addition to adopting the six-speed manual transmission is the only, and hone in exercise performance by such as a dedicated tuning of suspension, ranging from general road to circuit racing, enjoy the ride and model I’m with.

Specifically, it employs a six-speed manual transmission, which can manipulate the power generated from the V6 · 3.5L engine to direct. In addition to dedicated tuning of suspension, reinforcing brace, improvement of body stiffness due to the addition of the door stabilizer, dedicated Torsen ® LSD * 7 and other adoption of the front and rear with a different tire size, due to the weight of the brake parts, of GRMN unique ” The production run of taste “the. Further, CFRP * 8 is adopted made ??roof panel and spoiler (front-rear), and the like reduced in weight, and is further improved running performance.

Exterior, in addition to the front of the bumper and spoiler was designed in consideration of the aerodynamic performance, the license garnish the body and the same color, the side mirror cover such as the black, emphasize the sportiness. It also employs a dedicated GRMN emblem back and forth, and highlights the individuality.

The interior, in accordance with the adoption of the six-speed manual transmission, and adopted the shift lever of dedicated design, in addition to changing the pedal placement, the side brake such as the guidance equation, pursuing the joy of driver manipulate the car at its own operation was. In addition, it is to improve the operability during sport driving in adoption of dedicated sports seats and steering of smaller diameter.

Also, in addition to interior color that tones and black, subjected to piano black paint, such as around the instrument panel garnish and meter, ultra suede, such as a sheet or door trim ® * 9 adopted epidermis. In addition, a dedicated combination meter, equipped with such as the engine start switch logo of GRMN, you are granted a special feeling.

Mark X 350S “G’s” and 250G “S package · G’s” was added to Awaken yellow that is specifically set to outer panel color of the mark X special specification car “Yellow Label” (yellow label).