Toyota Camatte Hajime (1)

Η Toyota πιστή στο ραντεβού της κάθε χρόνο, έτσι και φέτος, στο περιθώριο της έκθεσης παιχνιδιών Tokyo Toy Show, παρουσίασε μερικά νέα πρωτότυπα οχήματα. Ανάμεσά τους το Camatte Hajime, ένα πρωτότυπο όχημα που συνδυάζει τα καλύτερα στοιχεία του Jeep Wrangler και της McLaren F1. Μοιάζει περισσότερο με μοντέλο της Jeep, αλλά η κεντρική θέση του οδηγού και τα δύο πίσω καθίσματα, θυμίζουν κάτι από την McLaren F1. Έχει μήκος 3.020 mm, πλάτος 1.320 mm, ύψος 1.240 mm, μεταξόνιο 1.800 mm και κίνηση παίρνει από έναν ηλεκτροκινητήρα αγνώστου ιπποδύναμης.

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Childhood Vehicle Playsets Meet the Information Age at the Tokyo Toy Show

Tokyo, Japan, June 17, 2015―Ever wonder how you would look racing to rescue a cat from a tree in a purple fire truck? Or cruising around town in a hot pink hot-dog truck? Now you can see for yourself through Camatte Vision, an all-new interactive experience from Toyota for families, debuting at this year’s International Tokyo Toy Show.

Camatte Vision is the latest way to experience Toyota’s Camatte line of exploratory concepts seeking to break the traditional boundaries of the way children play and tinker with vehicles. The aim is to let kids and their parents share the child-like wonder and excitement of cars and trucks. Blazing fast hot rods, life-saving ambulances, hearty construction crane trucks, and many more are available in a rainbow of colors. Through an innovative augmented reality tablet app, see how you and your family would look in a virtually limitless combination of vehicle types and colors.

Of course, the fun doesn’t end in the virtual world: the latest physical manifestation of the Camatte family, the Hajime, will be on display for families to explore hands-on.
Toyota’s booth at the International Tokyo Toy Show

How Camatte Vision works
– Hop into the Camatte Hajime and take a photo of you and your family.
– Grab one of the tablets available at the booth, and customize a car by mixing and matching 13 body types and 12 colors.
– Take your tablet to the model driving course and hold it over the road. Your customized car will appear on the course with you and your family inside!

Meet the Camatte Hajime

Although “Hajime” means “beginning” in Japanese, it is actually the sixth member of Toyota’s Camatte family, following the Sora, Daichi, Takumi, 57s and 57s Sports that debuted at previous Tokyo Toy Shows. The Hajime was named to signify that the fun has just begun with the Camatte concept and there is much more to come.

Building on Camatte’s spirit of customizability and fun, the Hajime will feature Camatte’s signature swappable exterior panels and adjustable pedals and seat to let kids get in the driver’s seat with their parents close behind in the two rear seats.

The Camatte Hajime is a real working car, but won’t be drivable during the Tokyo Toy Show. However, kids will still be able to get in, buckle up, turn the steering wheel and push the pedals.

Camatte Hajime specifications
Length 3,020 mm
Width 1,320 mm
Height 1,240 mm
Wheelbase 1,800 mm
Seating capacity 3
Powertrain Electric motor

The 2015 Tokyo Toy Show will take place at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo, with buyer’s days on June 18-19 and public days on June 20-21.