Η BMW εργάζεται πάνω σε έναν quad-turbo εξακύλινδρο πετρελαιοκινητήρα και νέες πληροφορίες έγιναν γνωστές για τον συγκεκριμένο κινητήρα. Ο 3.0-λίτρων κινητήρας με τα τέσσερα turbo (άγνωστο το αν όλα είναι κλασσικά turbo ή κάποια θα είναι ηλεκτρικά) έχει κωδική ονομασία B57TOP και αναμένεται να παράγει 408 άλογα με 800 Nm ροπής, την μεγαλύτερη μέχρι σήμερα που έχει παράγει 3.0-λιτρος diesel κινητήρας.

Ο κινητήρας θα παρουσιαστεί μέσα στο 2016 και θα τοποθετηθεί σε όλα τα Μ Performance της BMW και θα αντικαταστήσει τον triturbo κινητήρα των 381 ίππων. Έτσι, εκτός από την M550d xDrive, πρέπει να αναμένουμε να τον δούμε τόσο στην 750d xdrive, στις X5 M50d και X6 M50d αλλά και στην X7. Ο κινητήρας θα συνδυάζεται με ένα 8-τάχυτο αυτόματο κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων που θα στέλνει τη κίνηση σε όλους τους τροχούς.

bmw green light

Στις σχετικές ειδήσεις, η BMW παρουσίασε μια εφαρμογή για το iDrive η οποία μπορεί να δείχνει σε πόση ώρα ένα φανάρι μπορεί να αλλάξει από πράσινο σε κόκκινο. Είναι η πρώτη φορά που κάποιος κατασκευαστής προσφέρει μια τέτοια εφαρμογή με το σύστημα να δείχνει σε πραγματικό χρόνο την ένδειξη του φωτεινού σηματοδότη, αλλά και τον χρόνο που υπολείπεται για να αλλάξει η ένδειξη από πράσινο σε κόκκινο και το αντίστροφο. Η BMW πιστεύει πως η τεχνολογία αυτή θα συμβάλει στην μείωση της κατανάλωσης καυσίμου, επειδή οι οδηγοί θα γνωρίζουν καλύτερα το πως πρέπει να προσεγγίσουν ένα φανάρι. Αρχικά η εφαρμογή θα υποστηρίζεται μόνο σε μερικές πόλεις των Η.Π.Α (Portland, Eugen και Salt Lake City), με περισσότερες πόλεις να ακολουθούν.

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Traffic City Info Makes Driving in Cities Easier than Ever

Woodcliff Lake, N.J. – July 27, 2015… The BMW Group announced today that it is the first manufacturer to bring the EnLighten App, by Connected Signals, into the car. Drivers of BMW Vehicles with iOS Devices will be able to see traffic signal data on the vehicle’s display in real time. The EnLighten app makes driving in cities easier by helping the driver anticipate traffic signal changes, which can increase safety and help save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration.

The EnLighten app shows the current status of the traffic light in front of the car in real time as well as a countdown to when the signal will change. Based on the current vehicle position, as well as its speed, the EnLighten app offers a recommendation about whether or not to stop for the traffic light or proceed through. An audio alert notifies the driver about a pending change in the signal they are approaching.

At intersections where there are dedicated traffic signals for turns, the activation of the vehicle’s turn indicator tells the app of the driver’s intention to turn so that only the status of the relevant signal is displayed.

In order for the EnLighten app to work it requires a city to have an integrated network of smart traffic signals. Supported cities currently are Portland and Eugene, OR and Salt Lake City, UT offering more than 2000 traffic lights. More cities will follow.

The EnLighten app integration will work in any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option with the app running on a connected Apple iPhone.

Beginning today, when the EnLighten App is downloaded from the Apple AppStore , it will be compatible with any BMW equipped with the BMW Apps option.

Information about Connected Signals can be found at www.connectedsignals.com.

Smartphones and apps in your car.

With the aim of enabling safe and comfortable use of apps in cars, the BMW Group was an early driver of smartphone integration and has already certified numerous apps for access in BMW vehicles. These apps have been optimized for use during a journey, can be operated via the iDrive Controller without distracting the driver and are viewed in the Control Display respectively.

App integration.
This app has been specially certified by the BMW Group for safe in-car use. The app uses the BMW Group’s A4A (Apps for Automotive) technology and can be downloaded for iOS-based devices from the Apple App Store. Having connected their smartphone to the car via the USB socket or snap-in adapter and launched the app, users are presented with its various functions via the iDrive Controller, the Control Display and the car’s audio system. To use the app in BMW models, the BMW ConnectedDrive Services option needs to be specified.

BMW Group In America

BMW of North America, LLC has been present in the United States since 1975. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC began distributing vehicles in 2003. The BMW Group in the United States has grown to include marketing, sales, and financial service organizations for the BMW brand of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, the MINI brand, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars; Designworks, a strategic design consultancy based in California; a technology office in Silicon Valley and various other operations throughout the country. BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC in South Carolina is part of BMW Group’s global manufacturing network and is the exclusive manufacturing plant for all X5 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles and X6 and X4 Sports Activity Coupes. The BMW Group sales organization is represented in the U.S. through networks of 339 BMW passenger car and BMW Sports Activity Vehicle centers, 148 BMW motorcycle retailers, 123 MINI passenger car dealers, and 36 Rolls-Royce Motor Car dealers. BMW (US) Holding Corp., the BMW Group’s sales headquarters for North America, is located in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.