Από τον ερχόμενο Απρίλιο, όσοι πελάτες αγοράσουν μια καινούρια Skoda Octavia ή Superb θα έχουν την επιλογή να εξοπλίσουν το αυτοκίνητο τους με το ασύρματο τρόπο φόρτισης κινητού. Η τσέχικη εταιρία το ονομάζει “Phonebox” και λειτουργεί με Qi τεχνολογία.

Η ειδική υποδοχή βρίσκεται στη βάση της κονσόλας, και προς το παρόν η ασύρματη φόρτιση λειτουργεί με διάφορα κινητά των Samsung, Google, LG, Sony, Microsoft, Blackberry και Nokia που διαθέτουν Qi τεχνολογία, με τους κατόχους iPhone να χρειάζονται ειδική θήκη για να φορτίσουν το κινητό τους ασύρματα.

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Mladá Boleslav, 19 February 2016 – ŠKODA is expanding their range of state-of-the-art infotainment devices: From April 2016, customers purchasing a Superb or Octavia will be able to opt for ‘Phonebox with wireless charging’. This technology charges compatible smartphones inductively according to the Qi standard.

​The Phonebox with wireless charging is an upgrade to the Phonebox, which is already available for the ŠKODA Superb and ŠKODA Octavia. The technological centrepiece is a planar array, communicating with the smartphone via near-field coupling and transmitting signals to the car antenna. The Phonebox combines good voice quality and high connection security with convenient operation.

In spring 2016, Phonebox with wireless charging will be available for the Superb and Octavia model series, which the brand will be displaying at the Geneva Motor Show. This technology charges compatible smartphones inductively according to the Qi standard. The current flows wirelessly from a coil in the bottom of the Phonebox with wireless charging to a receiver coil in the phone; data is also transferred between the transmitter and receiver to ensure optimum energy transfer. The mobile phone remains fully operational during charging.

Many smartphones by Google, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony already feature Qi technology. Other devices, such as the iPhone can be charged wirelessly using specially designed cases.