H Anderson Germany μας παρουσιάζει την Porsche Panamera White Storm Edition, μια βελτιωμένη Panamera GTS, η οποία φόρεσε νέο μπροστά και πλαϊνά spoiler, αεριζόμενο καπό, σκουρόχρωμα φωτιστικά σώματα, ζάντες 22″ και χαμηλότερη ανάρτηση κατά 30 mm. Στο εσωτερικό συναντάμε σπορ τιμόνι, δερμάτινες/Alcantara επενδύσεις, carbon διακοσμητικά και ένα νέο σύστημα ήχου.

Μηχανικά, ο V8 4,8-λίτρων κινητήρας, φόρεσε νέα σπορ εξάτμιση και επαναπρογραμματισμένη ECU, αποδίδοντας 508 άλογα, 78 περισσότερα από όσα παράγει με τις εργοστασιακές ρυθμίσεις.

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Before the premiere 2009 in Shanghai the Porsche Panamera, which is not only in-house called as the Porsche 970, was considered as a gamble. Against all the customs in Zuffenhausen he had front-engine and four doors. However the sales achievements have quickly taken the wind out of the sails of the critics of a fourth Porsche model series against all their prophecies of doom. Meanwhile, the talk is of a total of seven model series in the future.

In the meantime, it should have been sufficiently gotten around, that ANDERSON Germany makes the impossible possible concerning cars and especially in the high-end segment.
Thus, even this Panamera GTS can be rightly defined as absolutely unique.
The increased performance from 430 up to 508 HP is achieved by the software enhancement and a three stage adjustable exhaust system via remote control.

The last one adds 17 extra HP to your account.
According to all rules of art, the installed body kit by ANDERSON Germany includes a striking front skirt, a set of side skirts, which continues the wheel arch interrupted design to the rear as well as a not less exclusive rear skirt.
The clearly visible outlines of the head lights in the front create a special kind of evil eyes, while the rear lights and the glass panes all around are tinted. In addition to the white satin complete painting there is also an as special as select sports bonnet with its decent side air inlets.

Now let’s come to the very ambitious and seemed made for the Panamera wheel-tire combination:
Shiny black rims measuring 10 x 22 inch with 265/30-22 tires on the front axle and 11 x 20 inch with 295/25-22’s at the rear. Certainly this rim as well, like almost everything at ANDERSON Germany can’t do without an exclusive special feature: The front white of the four circles shines at night, when the light falls on it! Furthermore, the Porsche 970 is still button height adjustable in its three original levels, though the whole thing happens now all in all 30mm lower. In spite of the lowering, the white under car illumination with four LED lamps in the side skirts is absolutely fascinating.

Even the interior comes up with the customary ANDERSON Germany exclusivity. An ergonomic sports steering wheel in a predominating brown fits perfectly to the whole interior finishing in a combination of leather and Alcantara with white diamond stitching. An interior package in white carbon, which is installed in the trims, the steering wheel and the middle consoles in the front and the back, sets additional accents. The entry sills with their brown logo also consist of identical material. The final touch of the special is a white footwell lighting in the front and the back with a dimming function. The sound of the exclusive interior is ensured by a high-end sound system with amplifier, subwoofer and various speakers.

The acting premium tuner ANDERSON Germany from Dusseldorf has taken up the cause of making luxury cars unique. Of course, stars and celebrities from all over the world make use of this with pleasure again and again.
All over the world is to be taken literally: Wherever the vehicle is, it can be picked up there and after the work is done it can be delivered back again. And even if there is no vehicle yet at all, ANDERSON Germany can with pleasure manage the procurement of an object of desire.