Peugeot GTi Surfboard Concept (3)

Όταν διαβάζεις για carbon, ελαφριά κατασκευή, εξαιρετικά χαμηλό συντελεστή οπισθέλκουσας, το μυαλό σου που πάει; Σίγουρα όχι εκεί που πήγε το μυαλό των σχεδιαστών της Peugeot Design Lab, οι οποίοι ετοίμασαν μια πρωτότυπη σανίδα του σέρφ και θα την παρουσιάσουν κατά τη διάρκεια του φετινού Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Την ονόμασαν Peugeot GTi surfboard concept και αντλεί έμπνευση από το 208 GTi. Είναι κατασκευασμένη από carbon και ξύλο, διαθέτει τέσσερα πτερύγια που θυμίζουν διαχύτη με την Peugeot να δηλώνει πως αυτά της εξασφαλίζουν ευέλικτη, συναρπαστική και ευκίνητη ποιότητα κύλισης.


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Peugeot design lab displays GTi surfboard concept at the Goodwood festival of speed

  • Peugeot Design Lab is a Global Brand Design Studio.
  • Our 200 years of industrial experience and 120 years of automotive know-how is available to outside clients
  • The GTi Surfboard Concept celebrates thrill seekers who attend Peugeot stand
  • Many performance Peugeot cars are displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Commissioned to coincide with the presence of Peugeot at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with its thrilling on stand Flowrider Surf Machine, the Peugeot Design Lab has produced a unique ‘GTi Surfboard’ Concept. The design was inspired by the thrill from driving Peugeot’s latest performance products, most notably the new 208 GTi and also saluting the new RCZ R and exclusive Onyx Concept Car.

The Peugeot Design Lab Surfboard Concept blends the traditional wood of a classic surfboard with the latest carbon fibre technology, as applied extensively to the Onyx Concept Car. Quad fins fluidly placed along the edge of the scalped tail are designed to give a responsive, exhilarating and agile ride quality.

The ‘coupe franche’ (clean cut) design separates the two ends of the board, the ‘Motion’ end is a precise, hi-tech shape optimised with a carbon fibre tail piece while the leading edge nose is beautifully shaped with ‘Emotion’ from natural wood, embellished with its brand signature ‘Peugeot GTi’.

Visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th July) can see the Peugeot Design Lab GTi Surfboard Concept next to the Flowrider Surf Machine on the Peugeot stand, itself located at the centre of display activities.