GM Baojun 730

H Baojun, μια φίρμα της GM αποκλειστικά για την αγορά της Κίνας, παρουσίασε το 730, ένα MPV όχημα το οποίο απευθύνεται στις συνεχώς αυξανόμενες πολυπληθής οικογένειες της Κίνας. Το επταθέσιο όχημα βασίζεται πάνω σε μια νέα μπροστοκίνητη πλατφόρμα της GM, η οποία αναπτύχθηκε σε συνεργασία με την SAIC-GM-Wuling και διαθέτει μπροστά ανάρτηση με γόνατα McPherson και ημιάκαμπτο πίσω άξονα, με την ρύθμισή της να είναι δια χειρός Lotus Engineering.

Ξεκινά από τις 69.800 RMB (€8.445) και διαθέτει αρκετό εξοπλισμό όπως διζωνικό κλιματισμό, cruise control, ηλιοροφή σύστημα ενημέρωσης και ψυχαγωγίας με οθόνη 8″ και κάμερα οπισθοπορείας.

Μηχανικά είναι διαθέσιμο με έναν 1.500αρη κινητήρα απόδοσης 110 ίππων με 147 Nm ροπής (0-100 χλμ/ώρα σε 17 δευτερόλεπτα και τελική ταχύτητα 150 χλμ/ώρα) και έναν 1.800αρη απόδοσης 135 ίππων με 186 Nm ροπής (0-100 χλμ/ώρα σε 15 δευτερόλεπτα και τελική ταχύτητα 160 χλμ/ώρα).

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SAIC-GM-Wuling Launches Baojun 730 Family Vehicle

LIUZHOU – SAIC-GM-Wuling today launched the Baojun 730 seven-seat family vehicle. The new model will be available at 2,600 Wuling and Baojun showrooms across China with a price of between RMB 69,800 and RMB 81,800.

The Baojun 730 was created based on the feedback of millions of SAIC-GM-Wuling customers to address the needs of growing Chinese families. Based on a new front-engine, front-wheel-drive platform developed by SAIC-GM-Wuling, the model has a spacious interior, advanced safety features and a variety of interior amenities.

Eight exterior colors are available: Sky Silver, Candy White, Desert Gold, Storm Grey, Sandy Gold, Starry Night Black, Earth Brown and Amber Gold.
Baojun 730 Price
1.5 MT Standard
1.5 MT Comfort
1.5 MT Luxury
1.8 MT Comfort
Roomy and Flexible Interior

The Baojun 730 has a 2,750-mm wheelbase that is even longer than that of B-segment cars. The 2+2+3 seating configuration creates a flexible interior. Unlike many other family vehicles, the Baojun 730 has a third row that can comfortably accommodate three adults. Even with a full load of passengers, the vehicle offers 330 liters of cargo space. In addition, there are 22 user-friendly storage spaces.

Riding comfort and driving enjoyment are bolstered by a McPherson front suspension and torsion beam rear suspension. Both were tuned by Lotus Engineering of the U.K.

High Level of Safety

The Baojun 730 is the first model built under SAIC-GM-Wuling’s “Protection for All” safety concept. More than 50 percent of its chassis is made of high-strength steel. The use of state-of-the-art thermal forming and laser welding manufacturing technologies ensures the highest level of structural integrity.

Several active and passive safety features come standard. They include four air bags, anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, and attachment points for child seats. Optional safety features include the electronic stability program (ESP).

Choice of Economical Engines

A choice of a 1.5-liter or 1.8-liter gasoline engine is offered to Baojun 730 buyers. The 1.5-liter engine was specifically developed for economy passenger vehicles. It consumes a thrifty 7.1 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Wide Range of Amenities

The Baojun 730 comes with an 8-inch high-definition touchscreen that supports connections with mobile devices via HDMI ports. It also incorporates radio controls and enables access to audio players via USB ports and phone calls via Bluetooth. Other amenities rarely found in seven-seat family vehicles include cruise control, a reverse camera system, a dual-zone climate control system and a power sunroof.