2016 Citroen SpaceTourer (1)

Στην έκθεση της Γενεύης τον ερχόμενο μήνα η Citroen, μαζί με το Spacetourer Hyphen concept θα παρουσιάσει και το SpaceTourer, το νέο της βαν που ανέπτυξε από κοινού με την Peugeot και την Toyota και έχει αποσπάσει πέντε αστέρια στις δοκιμές πρόσκρουσης του Euro NCAP

To βανάκι μπορεί να μεταφέρει έως και 9 άτομα, κατασκευάζεται πάνω σε μια παραλλαγή της EMP2 πλατφόρμας και θα είναι διαθέσιμο σε τρεις εκδόσεις με μήκος 4,6 μέτρων, 4,95 μέτρων και 5,3 μέτρων. Οι πλαινές πόρτες ανοίγουν και κλείνουν αυτόματα με το σύρσιμο που ποδιού κάτω από το αυτοκίνητο, ενώ ο οδηγός θα μπορεί να τις ανοίξει με το πάτημα ενός κουμπιού. Εξοπλίζεται με μια σειρά συστημάτων ασφαλείας και τεχνολογιών όπως Lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, road sign recognition, Coffee Break Alert, Driver Attention Alert, Collision Alert και ενεργό active cruise control. Αρχικά θα προσφέρεται με έξι BlueHDi κινητήρες πετρελαίου απόδοσης από έως 180 άλογα που συνδυάζονται με μηχανικά και αυτόματα κιβώτια ταχυτήτων.

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Modern and full of character, the CITROËN SpaceTourer with its three body lengths and diverse cabin layouts, responds to the lifestyles of today’s family or friend “tribes” as well as to the needs of professionals.

Nomad and in step with its times, this new van combines, without compromise, comfort, practicality and good looks. With its new platform, the SpaceTourer provides dynamic road performance and remarkable fuel efficiency, with Best in Class consumption. The on –board technology ensures top-level safety while making everyday life easier. The SpaceTourer, a companion to limitless and intense lifestyles, will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

A precursor in MPVs and leisure activity vehicles, CITROËN possesses true expertise in the development of versatile and spacious vehicles that are enjoyable to experience.

With the SpaceTourer, the Brand is completing its range and demonstrating its ability to move up market in the van segment. This modern new vehicle provides an adapted response to a world in motion, one in which the way we live and undertake things evolves, and where we increasingly share our leisure time and travel together. Optimistic, practical and user-friendly, the SpaceTourer makes life easier and opens up new possibilities.

The versatile and prestigious, CITROËN SpaceTourer is available in three versions, responding to the needs of today’s families as well as those of professionals, all with touches of CITROËN boldness:

– pure design with flowing lines and no aggressiveness, for a thoroughly serene presence. The design of the SpaceTourer is both energetic and reassuring, with a high-set front end that dominates the road and gives the new model all of its personality

– efficient architecture for enhanced liveability, practicality, and which is adapted to all uses. The SpaceTourer’s modular, EMP2-based platform provides more cabin space, boot volume and manoeuvrability. Available in 3 lengths, including a market-first 4.60 m model for up to 9 people*, it is the ideal everyday companion, in town and country alike. Car park access is easy with a height of just 1.90 m. The eminently functional newcomer features hands-free sliding side doors, as well as an opening rear window and a host of storage compartments;

– comfort for enhanced physical and mental well-being, with a welcoming interior, a high-set driving position, sliding and rotating seats for more practicality, and a glass roof Well-being is heightened through top-flight acoustic treatment and optimal ride comfort;

– technologies that make life easier, including head-up vision and a 3D connected navigation system, CITROËN Connect Nav, along with safety technologies such as: Coffee Break Alert, which suggests taking a break after two hours of uninterrupted driving, Driver Attention Alert, for detecting lapses in driver concentration, and Collision Risk Alert. Equipped with these technologies and features, the SpaceTourer scored the maximum five-star rating in EuroNCAP tests;

– latest-generation diesel engines from the BlueHDi family with up to 180 bhp and 400 Nm of torque, for the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the segment (BlueHDi 115 S&S 6-sp. manual: 5.1 l/100 km and 133 g/km of CO2) and controlled running costs.