O χειμώνας πλησιάζει και αν θέλεις να έχεις το δικό σου εκχιονιστικό τότε ρίξε μια ματιά σε αυτή τη λύση της Nordic Auto Plow. Το άροτρο είναι κατασκευασμένο από πλαστικό και μπορεί να προσαρμοστεί μπροστά από οποιοδήποτε αυτοκίνητο, ATV αλλά και από μηχανές γκαζόν. Ζυγίζει κοντά στα 23 κιλά και κοστίζει κοντά στα 700 δολάρια στην Αμερική.

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Nordic Auto Plow Announces National Launch of Low Exertion Auto Snow Plows

U.S. Made Auto Snow Plows Allows Users to Plow from the Comfort of their Cars, ATVs or Riding Mowers

West Chicago, IL – October 17, 2012 – Nordic Auto Plow, LLC, the developer of unique, low exertion auto snow plow products that allows users to plow driveway snow from the comfort of their personal vehicles, announced today the nationwide launch of Nordic Auto Plow for cars, ATVs and riding mowers. The patent pending design for all three versions introduces a welcome alternative to snow removal that helps people who cannot physically shovel snow, who have a higher risk of heart attack, or who simply want an easier and faster way to clear their driveways.

The USA-made Nordic Auto Plow products were designed by experienced product engineers and industrial designers to easily attach to all cars, SUVs, and light trucks as well as most brands of riding mowers, ATVs and Quads without damaging the vehicles. While the plow blade is the same for the car, ATV and riding mower versions, the attachment mechanisms vary for each. Weighing less than 50 pounds, the plow blade is readily moved into position and attached to the vehicle in just minutes. The ATV and riding mower versions are also suitable for year-round use pushing mulch, topsoil, leaves, sand, etc.

“The idea for the Nordic Auto Plows came from watching people struggle with shovels and snow blowers in cold, wintry weather,” said CEO and Founder Richard Behan. “I believed there must be a better way to help people easily clear snow using their personal vehicles. The Nordic Auto Plows are the perfect answer to this winter-weather dilemma,” said Behan.

The Nordic Auto Plow rounded blade is designed to glide over uneven surfaces, such as driveway cracks, minor grade variances, paver bricks and gravel, and the rounded plow blade design does not scrape or damage driveway surfaces like a traditional metal plow. The blade is made from rugged ABS plastic and is designed for durability and repeated use. It is also reversible, which further extends its life.

More information about Nordic Auto Plow products, including both installation and snow removal videos, are available at www.NordicAutoPlow.com.

About Nordic Auto Plow

Based in West Chicago, Illinois, Nordic Auto Plow, LLC, provides a unique, low exertion auto snow plow for everyday cars and vehicles. The company was co-founded by Richard Behan (President) and his wife Paulette Behan (CFO), the developers and designers of the auto snow plow. For more information, visit www.NordicAutoPlow.com.