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Η Skoda γιορτάζει την παραγωγή και την παράδοση ενός εκατομμυρίου αυτοκινήτων της μέσα σε έναν χρόνο, νούμερο που επιβεβαιώνει την πετυχημένη στρατηγική παγκόσμιας ανάπτυξης της Τσέχικης αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίας.

Η Skoda στις 10 του μηνός κατασκεύασε το 1.000.000στο αυτοκίνητό της για φέτος, ένα λευκό Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI που δωρίστηκε στο ίδρυμα Life for Children, ενώ το 1.000.000στο αυτοκίνητο που πούλησε φέτος ήταν ένα Octavia Combi RS σε πράσινο χρώμα, το οποίο παραδόθηκε στον πρωταθλητή ράλι, Jan Kopecky.

Η Skoda πουλά αυτοκίνητα της σε περισσότερες από 100 χώρες, ενώ κατά τους πρώτους 11 μήνες του 2014 η εταιρία έχει κατασκευάσει 1,5 εκατομμύρια κινητήρες και κιβώτια ταχυτήτων. Συγκεκριμένα, η Skoda έχει δημιουργήσει 533.000 κινητήρες και 967.000 κιβώτια ταχυτήτων στα εργοστάσιά της σε Mlada Boleslav και Vrchlabi.

Διάβασε επίσης: Δοκιμάζουμε Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI

Επίσης η Skoda στις 15 του μηνός, κατασκεύασε την 500.000στη Octavia τρίτης γενιάς μέσα σε λιγότερο από 2 χρόνια που βρίσκεται στην αγορά. Το επετειακό μοντέλο ήταν μια λευκή Octavia GreenLine, με την Skoda να έχει πουλήσει περισσότερες από 4.460.000 Octavia από το 1996 που πρωτοβγήκε στην αγορά. Η Skoda προβλέπει πως μέσα στα επόμενα χρόνια θα πουλά τουλάχιστον 1,5 εκατομμύρια αυτοκίνητα ετησίως.

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ŠKODA celebrates a double million

  • ŠKODA produces and sells 1 million vehicles for the first time in one year
  • Large anniversary event for employees and other guests at ŠKODA Museum
  • Millionth vehicle produced: ŠKODA Fabia 1.2 TSI/81 kW goes to ‘Life for Children’ foundation
  • One millionth vehicle delivered, a ŠKODA Octavia RS in 2014 goes to Czech customer
  • Manufacturer achieves key milestone in growth strategy

Mladá Boleslav, 18 December 2014 – Producing and delivering one million ŠKODA cars in a single year is a milestone for the Czech manufacturer, and reaffirms their international growth strategy. ŠKODA honoured the team’s outstanding contribution to the successful development over recent years by hosting the ‘Million Celebration’ at the ŠKODA Museum.

​The one millionth ŠKODA vehicle produced this year ran off the production lines at the main ŠKODA plant in Mladá Boleslav on 10 December: ŠKODA Fabia 1.2 TSI/81 kW in moon-white. The manufacturer has donated the anniversary car to the ‘Life for Children’ foundation. The keys were handed over yesterday evening at a ceremony in Mladá Boleslav. ŠKODA employees voted on which charity would be the worthiest recipient of the ‘million vehicle’. There were ten organisations to choose from in total.
In addition, the millionth ŠKODA customer of 2014 from the Czech Republic was welcomed during the festivities. He had ordered a ŠKODA Octavia Combi RS, 2.0 TSI in rally-green metallic, and the keys were handed over to him by the Rally Champion Jan Kopecky.

“Each 1 million vehicles produced and sold are historical milestones and demonstrate the strength of the brand,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. hc Winfried Vahland. “ŠKODA has achieved a new dimension and is firmly established as an international volume manufacturer. This success can be attributed to our model campaign, and the great performance of our 26,000 employees worldwide. The whole team is very proud of this achievement. At the same time, achieving this million in production and sales will spur us on to pick up the pace over the coming years.”

ŠKODA growth strategy is successful

By achieving one million in production and sales in 2014, the manufacturer is once again flying the banner high and highlighting their growth at the end of the year. At the heart of the growth strategy is the most comprehensive model campaign in the 119-year history of the company. Since 2010, the brand has been extensively renewing their model range and branching out into important segments – from the small ŠKODA Citigo to the new ŠKODA Fabia introduced just a few weeks ago.

“We offer the most attractive and modern ŠKODA model range of all time,” says Winfried Vahland. The model campaign’s success is reflected in the sales figures: Between 2010 and December 2014, ŠKODA’s deliveries increased by over 30%, making ŠKODA one of the world’s fastest growing volume brands.

The company’s development over the past two decades is one of the great success stories in the automotive industry. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and joining the VW Group in April 1991, ŠKODA’s production and sales have increased six-fold. With this came the resurgence of one of the longest-established automotive brands. ŠKODA’s origins date back to the pioneering days of the car in 1895. In its rich history, the company has always delighted customers with legendary cars like the ŠKODA 860 and ŠKODA Popular Monte Carlo.

In addition to expanding the model range, one important pillar of the implemented growth strategy is entering new markets beyond Europe. Nowadays, ŠKODAs are available in over 100 countries around the world. China has been the brand’s strongest individual market since 2010, where in the first eleven months of 2014 around one quarter of all ŠKODAs produced have been sold.

Success: ŠKODA produces 500,000th third-generation Octavia

  • In a class of its own: the third-generation Octavia is a great success
  • Octavia deliveries in Western Europe increased by around a quarter in 2014
  • Octavia series: versatile as never before
  • International success: production in Europe, China, Russia and India
  • Success steeped in tradition:, morethan 4.46 million Octavias delivered since 1996

Mladá Boleslav, 15 December 2014 – ŠKODA produced the 500,000th third-generation Octavia today. The anniversary vehicle – an Octavia GreenLine in white colour – rolled off the ŠKODA production line in Mladá Boleslav. The third-generation Octavia, launched at the beginning of 2012, is in a class of its own and has proven to be a great hit on the market. In Western Europe, sales of the successful model had increased more than a quarter by the end of November this year.

​“Producing half a million Octavias in less than two years reinforces how well the car has been received on the international markets. As the ‘heart of the brand’, the ŠKODA Octavia is the central pillar of our Growth strategy. Over the coming years, we plan to continue growing and inspire new customer groups with the Octavia and the attractive ŠKODA model range,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

The third generation sets standards in its class and is the largest, safest, lightest, most comfortable, practical and environmentally-friendly Octavia ever. In addition, Octavia series is versatile as never before. The Octavia saloon and estate are now available with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Plus, the ŠKODA Octavia RS is the fastest production Octavia of all time. The particularly environmentally-friendly ŠKODA Octavia GreenLine consumes only 3.2 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (CO2 emissions: 85g/km). The ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC with CNG drive, as well as the ŠKODA Octavia Scout, a rugged all-rounder with strong off-road capabilities, debuted in 2014. In addition, the exclusive trim derivate ŠKODA Octavia L&K is available in Europe.

With its wide range of derivates and excellent features, the ŠKODA Octavia has been a great hit on the markets. By the end of November of this year, sales of the Octavia in Western Europe had increased 24.7 percent, setting new records in several countries. The model is one of the most award-winning vehicles in its class, and has come out on top in a number of comparison tests.

So far this year in Central Europe, deliveries of the Octavia have increased more than 20 percent. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iceland, during the first eleven months of the year, the Octavia was the most sold new car of the month.

In addition to the production in the Czech Republic, the ŠKODA Octavia also rolls of production lines in China, Russia, India, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As ŠKODA’s largest individual market, China plays a central role for the brand and the model. The ŠKODA Octavia was launched on the Chinese market in mid-2014. In November 2014, the model successfully achieved a sales increase of 112.4% on the Chinese market.

The Octavia is the most important model in ŠKODA’s international growth strategy, and is the driving force of the most comprehensive product campaign in ŠKODA’s history. Over the coming years, the manufacturer intends to increase worldwide sales to at least 1.5 million vehicles annually.

Like no other model, the Octavia symbolises ŠKODA’s rapid rise to success over the past two decades. Its introduction in 1996 kick-started their development into an international manufacturer with a presence on over 100 markets worldwide. Till the end of November, 4.46 million Octavias have been delivered to customers worldwide since 1996. This represents almost 40% of all the brand’s sales during this time.

Record: ŠKODA produces 1.5 million engines and gearboxes in 2014

  • ŠKODA manufactures eight engines and three types of gearbox for ŠKODA cars and other brands in the Volkswagen Group
  • Modern ŠKODA component manufacturing in Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí
  • 115 years of ŠKODA expertise in development and manufacturing of powertrain

ŠKODA produces 1.5 million engines and gearboxes in 2014

​Mladá Boleslav, 16 December 2014 – ŠKODA has produced 1.5 million components (engines and gearboxes) at their Czech plants this year – more than ever before. So far this year, 533,000 engines and 967,000 gearboxes have run off the production lines in Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí. The modern components – eight engines and three types of gearbox in total – are used in ŠKODA models as well as other brands within the Volkswagen Group.

​“ŠKODA’s component development and manufacturing is an important pillar of our global production network,” says Frank Engel, Head of ŠKODA component manufacturing. “The record number of 1.5 million engines and transmissions produced this year underlines the efficiency of this area and the high level of expertise of our employees. As an important part of the ‘Center of Excellence’ in the Volkswagen Group, component manufacturing will continue to expand in line with the growth strategy of the Group and brand.”

Over recent years, the manufacturer has been expanding the manufacturing of engines and gearboxes step by step. “ŠKODA plans to expand worldwide. We are prepared,” says Engel. In mid-2014, the brand expanded production in Mladá Boleslav, introducing new three-cylinder engines in the EA 211 series (1.0 MPI with 44 and 55 kW). From this engine family, ŠKODA also produces the 1.2-TSI and 1.4-TSI, as well as the 1.6 MPI-petrol engines in Mladá Boleslav. Since 2001 and 2009, the main ŠKODA plant has been producing the 1.2 HTP and 1.2 TSI-engines from the EA 111 series. At the beginning of May this year, ŠKODA produced the third million 1.2 HTP engine.

Gearbox production forms a key part of ŠKODA’s component manufacturing. The Vrchlabí plant produced the 500,000th DQ 200 dual-clutch transmission in November. For about two years, the modern direct-shift has been running off the production lines at the plant at the foot of the Giant Mountains, and is used in vehicles of the ŠKODA brand as well as in models from Volkswagen, Seat and Audi. To facilitate DSG production, the Czech manufacturer invested around 210 million euros with the support of Volkswagen. ŠKODA additionally produces the MQ 200 and MQ/SQ 100 gearboxes in Mladá Boleslav.

Over the coming years, ŠKODA plans to further their expertise in engine engineering and production. An engine testing and development centre was opened in early September this year in Mladá Boleslav. The manufacturer invested around 45 million euros into this project alone with the support of Volkswagen, making this currently one of the largest investments of a private company in the Czech Republic.

ŠKODA AUTO is one of the longest established manufacturers of engines and transmissions. It was 115 years ago in 1899 that the founding fathers Laurin and Klement built their first motor-assisted bicycle. Single-cylinder engines with 1.25 or 1.75 hp powered the so-called Motocyclette.

A cornerstone of ŠKODA engines and transmissions is the in-house foundry and forge. This production area celebrated its 50th anniversary in March this year.

Milestones in ŠKODA component manufacturing for the Volkswagen Group:


  • Production launch of the 1.0 MPI/37 kW (50 PS) engine


  • Production launch of the 1.2 HTP (EA 111) engine in Mladá Boleslav


  • Production launch of the 1.2 TSI (EA 111) engine in Mladá Boleslav


  • Foundation stone laid for new engine testing centre in Mladá Boleslav
  • Production launch of the 1.2 TSI and 1.4 TSI (EA211) engines in Mladá Boleslav
  • Production launch for the DQ 200 dual-clutch transmission in Vrchlabí


  • Production launch of the 1.6 MPI (EA 211) engine in Mladá Boleslav
  • ŠKODA produces the third million 1.2 HTP (EA 111) engine
  • Production launch of the 1.0 MPI (EA 211) engine
  • Opening of the new ŠKODA engine testing centre in Mladá Boleslav
  • ŠKODA Vrchlabí produces the das 500,000 DQ 200 dual-clutch transmission
  • ŠKODA produces 1.5 million engines and gearboxes for the first time in one year