H Ιταλική Ermini ετοιμάζει το comeback της με ένα νέο supercar. Το όνομα του 686 και αναμένεται να βγει στην αγορά στα τέλη του 2013. Το αυτοκίνητο θα έχει τον κινητήρα στο πίσω μέρος, θα είναι τετρακίνητο και θα φορά ένα σωληνωτό σασί.

Ο σχεδιασμός του έχει γίνει σε συνεργασία των Giulio Cappellini και Design Team Ermini και θα χρησιμοποιεί carbon ώστε να κρατηθεί το βάρος χαμηλά. Τι κινητήρα θα φορά ακόμη είναι άγνωστο αλλά οι μηχανικοί της Ermini δηλώνουν ότι θα δώσουν ιδιαίτερο βάρος στη κατανάλωση και στις εκπομπές του.

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ERMINI: the Italian sports legend is reborn.

Fifty years after the closure of the historic Florentine company, the new Ermini brand has
decided to begin manufacturing a line of highly sporty automobiles. And it is only thanks
to a brand such as Ermini that we will finally be able to witness the rebirth of a sports car
with the features that made “barchetta” cars famous across the world and which in Italy are
synonymous with legendary street races such as the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio.

The re-launch car will be developed by a partnership between the Florence company and
Osella, the company supplying the chassis.

The automobile will be available as of the end of 2013 and will remain highly consistent
with the constructing philosophy that has always been associated with Ermini, which
became famous for prioritising the dynamic drive of light and nippy cars over the inertial
mass of automobiles with large engines. It will be a car where everything takes place at
the back (rear-wheel drive and rear engine) and whose refined technical solutions and
consummate Italian-style body design will be quite unique, a landmark model that will
reopen, after decades, the market niche of the “Barchette Sport” which emerged in Italy also
thanks to companies like Ermini. Close attention will be paid to technical details such as the
electric welded space frame (which together with the engine and the gearbox forms a single
structure) and the refined suspension, as well as the use of the best available mechanical
components (such as the sequential gearbox, the brakes, or the shock absorbers), all of
which of a strictly race-car origin.

The wish to create a unique automobile also influenced the choice of the designer that will
define the features and smooth curves of this gem: Giulio Cappellini has been chosen to
manage the Design Team Ermini. A master of design who, not hailing from the specific
automotive sector and therefore not being influenced by it, will be able to design a car using
the straightforward concept of “beauty” as a springboard.

The use of carbon for the body, together with sophisticated technical and construction
solutions, will make it possible to develop a car with an exceptional weight-power ratio,
able to guarantee performances on a par with the most heralded of supercars, with the
added advantage of easy and economical maintenance, as well as low emissions and greatly
reduced levels of consumption considering its sporty features.

A car that therefore promises to be unique both for its technical solutions and its elegant
design: a work of art (in terms of both engineering and design) that fully respects the
tradition and the values that have made Italian manufacturing famous across the world.

“With this car, lovers of those uncompromising vintage sports cars with their distinctive
dynamism, long since replaced by modern supercars, will finally be able to enjoy themselves…”: these were the words of Chairman of Ermini Automobili Italia, Eugenio